Where Eagles star Jalen Hurts ranks versus the rival QBs in the NFC East

Can you guess where Jalen Hurts landed on our ranking of NFC East quarterbacks? Don't worry. The question was rhetorical.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles v Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles v Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Remember how hyped we all were when that Netflix Quarterback series dropped? That intro might have been the coolest of the past four years, but we weren't even three minutes into it before Peyton Manning said something that most of us have thought before. "Maybe I'm biased, but I think quarterback is the toughest position in all of sports." Truthfully, we agree. That's why we defend the Philadelphia Eagles' signal-caller Jalen Hurts so much.

You do realize he's still learning how to do the job, right?

Every team's QB1 must know his assignment on the play and everyone else's. They have to diagnose what they're seeing before the play, hope they aren't being tricked, and make decisions in the span of about three to four seconds.

Some do the job well. They become franchise signal-callers, Pro Bowlers, and legends. Some don't do the job as well. They're replaced quickly, or they're constantly fighting for their jobs. Yes, friends. The quarterback position is a tough one to play. That's why so many are selected in the first round of every NFL Draft. So many factors play into whether or not someone is successful.

Is he in the right system? How good is the team around him? Is there consistency in the coaching staff? How good are the teams in his division? There is so much that determines whether someone is successful. Jalen Hurts has proven so much, and he still has much to prove. Something tells us that Eagles fans will be watching.

Let's rank the NFC East's four starting quarterbacks. Guess where QB1 of the Eagles falls.

The NFC East's divisional games figure to be a slugfest. The quarterback duels will be intense. There's the franchise signal-caller in Philly (Jalen). There's the guy in Dallas. You know the one. We've been arguing about whether or not he's a franchise QB since 2016.

In New York, there's the guy the Giants probably should give and they haven't (Daniel Jones). Washington figures to start a rookie this season, albeit a good one with potential (Jayden Daniels).

How does Jalen Hurts rank versus his peers? We're glad you asked. We've taken the liberty of stacking the NFC East's quarterbacks.

1. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

Truthfully, the Eagles fans in all of us don't want to give any of Philly's NFC East rivals credit for anything, Still, if we're being honest, you can make arguments for Jalen Hurts and Dak Prescott taking the top spot here. We roll with the City of Brotherly Love's QB1, and that isn't because we're being biased.

Truthfully, the decision came down to this. Jalen Hurts came within four points of delivering Philly its second Vince Lombardi Trophy, and he outplayed the best QB in the game despite losing. We have NEVER seen Dak Prescott do that.

Jalen has had up-and-down moments, but after Philly beat the Buffalo Bills in overtime last season, Hurts was the favorite to win the MVP trophy. He finished second in voting during the Super Bowl run. He has struggled at times, but every quarterback struggles. There were times when Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were ineffective.

Jalen has a long way to go before he lands in Brady and manning's class, but we have seen what he can do when he's at his best.

2. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott has a winning record in head-to-head matchups versus the Birds. He's 9-4 lifetime, and as mentioned earlier, if you rank him first on your lists, we wouldn't take any issue with that (aside from the fact that we're complimenting a Dallas Cowboy).

Dak lands second here because, we've seen him play at elite level, but we won't believe he can lead Dallas to a Super Bowl until we have seen him do so. Here's what we need from Philly, the first win in Arington since 2017.

3. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

We've seen Daniel Jones win games. We know he can do it, but there's always this vibe around him. He just doesn't feel like he's good enough.

He's an elite scrambler. He just has to prove that he can consistently win games with his arm. Here's where we are though. If we haven't seen him do so in five seasons, we're going to have to assume he can't. He has only produced one winning record since being drafted in 2019, and even that was an average 9-6 mark in 2022.

4. Jayden Daniels, Washington Commanders

Jayden Daniels has never taken a snap in the National Football League, and that's why he lands in our cellar. We just can't place a rookie over a guy who started two playoff games and another 59 during the regular season.

Jayden Daniels does have a chance to be special, but whether he does or not is dependent on those factors we mentioned earlier.

Is he in the right system? How good of a team can Washington put around him? Can the Commanders finally find some consistency in the coaching staff and leadership? How good are the teams in his division?

For now, we'll place him at the bottom of our list, but Jones had better watch out. If Daniels pieces together a C.J. Stroud-type campaign, we may need to flip these last two.

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