Which jerseys are the Philadelphia Eagles wearing this week?

We're one week closer to seeing the Eagles don those classic kelly green jerseys, but what will they be wearing this week?
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

EAGLES WEEK 5 MATCHUP. 51. -4. 4:05 p.m. EST. 4-0. 54. FOX. Sunday, October 8th. 2-2

When the Philadelphia Eagles introduced their kelly green jerseys ahead of the 2023 regular season, believe it or not, there was some mixed feedback. Some thought the reintroduction of an ensemble that so many loved was a home run. Others asked another question. 

'Why bring a jersey back that Philly never won anything of note in'? Yep! You're asking the same questions that we asked ourselves.

Here's one. How could any die-hard Birds fan not be in love with the idea of seeing our beloved team in those classic throwbacks? Here's another. Why are so many people so angry about things that are trivial? Here's still another. When will we get to see Jalen Hurts and company in the classic look?

The answer to that question is simple. Unfortunately, we have to wait two more weeks, when the Philadelphia Eagles host the Miami Dolphins in Week 7.

So, which jerseys will the Eagles wear on the west coast in Week 5?

The Philadelphia Eagles will be wearing the classic white-on-white look in Week 5. Here's the best part. No one has to worry about getting any dirt on them either.

Inglewood's SoFi Stadium is one of the more beautiful indoor facilities in the entire National Football League. It's a 70,240-seat sports and entertainment complex. That's right. There are no issues with rain or bad weather (It isn't like they get a ton of either in Southern Cal, but you get the idea).

Philly leads the all-time series versus L.A. by a 22-20-1 tally. A win gives the Eagles a 5-0 start to this young season and would drop the Rams below .500. An Eagles loss drops them to 4-1 and would double as an in-conference loss.

It may be too early to begin discussing must-win games, but you'd like to see Philly walk out of this one with a win.