Which jerseys are the Eagles wearing on Monday Night Football?

The Eagles pass our weekly fit check thanks to their decision to rock a fan favorite.
D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles
D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles have never beaten Andy Reid as an opposing head coach. The legend Jason Kelce has never beaten his brother Travis as a professional. Might we see a little history made on Monday night? Heaven knows we wouldn't complain if we did.

Philly's trip to Missouri puts a bow on the 11th week of NFL action. This has been billed as a Super Bowl rematch. The Inside The Iggles staff is split on that. The fact is the winner of this game won't receive a Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Here's the question that's no doubt on the mind of every Eagles fan though. What in the heck are these guys going to be wearing?

The Eagles are rocking their all-white jersey combination on Monday Night Football.

The kelly green jerseys are iconic. The black jerseys were sleek. The midnight green ensemble is one of the best in football. For Monday Night Football, the Birds are wearing another fan favorite. They're rocking the all-white gear in primetime on Monday Night Football.

The all-time series sits at 6-4 in favor of the Chiefs. Philly looks to climb closer to evening the all-time tally at the .500 mark. A win on Monday Night Football means they still own the NFL's best record. It will also help them continue the stranglehold they have on the National Football Conference.

We won't have to debate theories much longer. We've discussed the two teams. We know what's at stake, and yes, win or lose, the Birds will look good on game day.

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