Who is playing on Thursday Night Football in Week 5?

The hated Commanders open Week 5 of the NFL season with a home stand versus the Chicago. We're all Bears fans this week.
Ron Rivera, Eagles news
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0-4. Amazon Prime. Thursday Night Week 5. 58. WAS -6. 8:15 p.m. EST. 57. Thursday, October 5th. 2-2

We're only a month into the 2023 NFL season, and we have been reminded of something. We love watching Philadelphia Eagles football, but as much as we love a Birds win, we equally enjoy losses by their rivals in the NFC East. Come on. Tell us you didn't stand up and cheer when the Arizona Cardinals slapped the Dallas Cowboys around.

Now, there are instances when this can be complicated, when rivals play each other for instance. It's during those games that we'd rather the team with the worst record beat up on the team who is better. All of this is done for selfish reasons. We just want to see some distance between the Birds and any team in contention for divisional superiority.

Four games are in our rearview mirror. Week 5 begins with a game on Thursday Night Football. Guess what one of Philly's rivals is on deck in a game that could wind up being a snoozer.

The Washington Commanders host the Chicago Bears on Amazon Prime for Thursday Night Football.

Raise your hand if you remember last season's 12-7 slugfest between the Washington Commanders and Chicago Bears. It's okay if you don't. Our staff watched that one from beginning to end, and honestly, we found it hard to focus as the game went on.

That one was in The Windy City and was also featured on TNF. This time around, the setting is FedExField. Why Amazon Prime would subject us to this type of torture after last season is beyond us, but hey, we get it. Every team must be featured on Thursday night at least once, so we might as well get this one over with.

Pinch your nostrils close and take this like some nasty medicine. We'll get through this together.

We'd like to tell you that the silver lining is we'll see a Commanders loss. Sadly, however, it probably won't happen. The oddsmakers favor Washington, and frankly, we agree. The Bears are one of the worst teams we have seen in a long time.

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