WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns snubs Eagles during First Take A-list ranking

Following Roman Reigns' recent appearance on ESPN's First Take, Eagles fans everywhere are certain to place their support behind Jey Uso during WWE's next pay-per-view airing.
WWE Royal Rumble
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He doesn't have much of a drop-kick. Honestly, we have never been able to determine why the 'Superman Punch' renders a man unconscious and often incapable of kicking out of a pinning situation, but you have to admit it. Roman Reigns' title run as WWE Universal Champion has been tons of fun. Too bad we, as lovers of Philadelphia Eagles football have to place him on our wanted lists.

He isn't a New Yor Giants or a Dallas Cowboys fan. Thank goodness for that. Nope... Roman aligns himself with the Forty-Whiners. Gosh darnit! We did it again! We meant to say the San Francisco 49ers.

Recently, during an appearance on ESPN's highly-popular First Take show, Stephen A Smith allowed Reigns control of the floor and an opportunity to create his own A-list. As a result, we had to sit through this nonsense.

He then doubled down with this nonsense with perhaps the most aggregious posting since Twitter changed its name to 'X".

'LOL' should never be used in a story by a journalist that takes himself seriously, but never has it been a more appropriate response.

Following Roman Reigns' appearance on ESPN's First Take, don't be shocked if every Eagles fan is backing Jey Uso during WWE's next pay-per-view airing.

Well... We aren't going to lie to you. We're speechless.

Sure, 'fan' is the root word of both 'fanaticism' and 'fanatical'. It's also easy to understand that, when fans of teams gain control of a platform, we often won't be treated to something partial. How often have we sat through those final predictions on ESPN's College Gameday on Saturday mornings and known full well the celebrity guest picker is going to side with the team they love?

This is worst than that. Roman Reigns has gone off the deep end

It appears the chair shots and German suplexes he endured in all of those run-ins with Brock Lesnar have finally caught up with him. The Niners in the top slot? Seriously? This is what we're doing? We're still playing the 'San Francisco got cheated in the NFC Championship Game' card?

Geesh. It's no wonder he's one of professional wrestling's great heels. We're kidding of course, sort of, but here's where we sit ahead of another Summer Slam pay-per-view airing. Every Eagles fan watching will be backing Jey Uso in his quest to become the next WWE Universal Champion and Tribal Chief.

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