Kearse Has Parting Shot At Eagles And Fans


Somebody needs to shut the Phreak up.

After being released by the Eagles, Jevon Kearse has signed with his former team the Tennessee Titans. In his press conference to announce the signing, Kearse was asked a few questions about his time in Philadelphia, and you might be surprised to hear what he had to say.

"(on how he would describe his time with the Eagles)Jevon Kearse: With the Eagles? I don’t know. It was like I was lost for a minute. I was away from home. This is my home, so I took a vacation or something. But my stay in Philly, it was different. I’ll say, when I went there, they were a team that was on the verge of winning a Super Bowl and everything like that. So it was a win-win situation, although the scheme, the scheme was not for me. The scheme was not for me, just sitting wide-footed in the two-gap stance in front of the tight end doing a lot of reading, when I started off just moving, getting off the ball, going to the ball, being aggressive, going to the ball, not reading and then reacting. I’m used to just doing what I do. Then, when I was there, I wasn’t able to do that because it was just part of the scheme."

So Kearse blames the fact that he was a huge Phreaking disappointment solely on Jim Johnson’s defensive scheme? Gimme a Phreakin break. It’s funny how Hugh Douglas, Trent Cole, and even Juqua Thomas(who took Kearse’s job and also came from Tennessee) all managed to be able to play well in this scheme. How dare Jim Johnson expect Kearse to do anything, but rush the QB? I guess stopping the run is not that important for a starting defensive end according to Jevon.

If that was not bad enough, Jevon goes on to rip Iggles fans for expecting too much.

"(on the difference in fans between Philadelphia and Tennessee)Jevon Kearse: They are fanatics up there [in Philadelphia]. I can’t put a finger on it. It is just different up there. I explained to everyone from playing in Tennessee, where the team moved here to Nashville, you can go out there and play your butts off and play a good game and lose and the fans will still be proud of you. We have next week. We have next year. We have tomorrow. Up there, you can play your butts off and do whatever, but if you lose the game, it is like you didn’t do anything. It is like you went out there and everyone took a knee and let the team do whatever. The expectations up there are just crazy, whereas around here they are a little more lenient on you which is alright but then again you have to take it upon yourself as a player and give them what they want."

I have to say Jevon really looks like an idiot from this statement. ‘We have next year’? Fans have been saying that line for 48 years! Earth to Jevon; Philadelphia would like to see this team win a Championship sometime this Century.

Despite never winning a Super Bowl, Iggles fans pour into those stands every year,  just hoping and praying that this year could be the one. When a team goes to 4 straight NFC Championship games, and a Super Bowl, the expectations to win are pretty Phreakin high.

Jevon is not even right about the playing hard part. The Phillies never win jack, but fans love Jimmy Rollins, because he plays his ass off every single day. When did Jevon Kearse ever give it his all? I remember Kearse getting cramps in the Super Bowl, limping off the field “hurt” almost every other play, partying with T.O. too much, and showing up to training camp 30 lbs too light this past year. If that is what Kearse calls playing his butt off, then maybe Philadelphia was the wrong place for him.

I am sure that since Kearse is now back in his old system, he will easily lead the NFL in sacks this year. I wonder what his excuse will be if it doesn’t. At least those nice people in Tennessee won’t care.

>>Jevon Kearse press conference transcript (Titans Online)