Eagles Fans Should be Ashamed of Themselves


I’m fired up and feeling good on this Monday morning. The Eagles survived a weekend that seemed like it would almost certainly mark the end of their postseason aspirations. I thought Tampa Bay could spring the upset on a weary Dallas team, but that didn’t happen.

And then…with the entire Western Hemisphere certain the Giants would roll the Redskins, the Giants did what they’ve done in the past–they crumbled at home to an inferior opponent.

And so here we are amidst a not-so-impossible outside shot at an NFC East crown.

By Virtue of the Eagles’ rout of the New York Jets and the Redskins’ dominant effort in New York, the Eagles remain alive in the postseason picture. And I’m excited. And so are some other people, but I don’t exactly get the sense that this city is embracing the idea of a backdoor sneak-in job to this season’s playoffs.


“OMG, but they underachieved and if they get into the playoffs Reid will still be coach…”

Shut up. I said it when they were 4-8 and I’ll say it now. Andy Reid is the coach of this team next season. This isn’t a debate about whether or not he should. He’s coming back, despite what WIP tells you, so let it go. To root against your favorite team with false hopes of the coach’s departure is absurd. And a waste of time.

“OMG, but we need a better draft pick.”

Shut up. Whether the Eagles draft 10th or 22nd overall doesn’t matter. The name of the game is getting into the postseason. And if you have a chance to do it, you do it. If by some chance the Eagles get into the postseason they would earn a home playoff game against likely either Atlanta or Detroit. They would then travel to Green Bay the followinig week, assuming the Packers hold onto the top-seed in the NFC. It appears unlikely that a potential playoff run would go beyond that, but I’d argue two points:

This is supposed to be fun. And the Eagles, if only for a couple of weeks, have revived an idea once thought to be so absurd it was laughable. The mere fact that we can consider playoff football, watch the scoreboard, and debate this situation is fun in and of itself. Granted, it would have been more fun to, you know, be 11-3 and wrapping up a top-seed, but this is the situation they are in, so let’s make the most of it.

What’s more, look at how the Packers snuck in last year. How’d that work out? Nobody in Green Bay thought the Packers were gearing up for a Super Bowl three weeks prior to the end of the regular season. Nobody thought they’d even get in. Want another example? Take a look at the St. Louis Cardinals. They weren’t supposed to be in the playoffs, remember? But they snuck in thanks to the Phillies and then…knocked out the Phillies. If you haven’t learned by now that making a deep playoff run is about all about the team who hits the postseason at their best, you’re never going to learn. And if the Eagles were to reach 8-8 and sneak in, they, by definition, would be the hottest team in the league.

“OMG, but like they’ve lost in the playoffs so many times before and like we just need a change.”

Cool. So not making the playoffs would be preferable than making it? Got it.

“It’s just frustrating to watch. Because they could have been better.”

I agree, but guess what? Tough shit. This is a real possibility. The Jets can beat the Giants. They are favored to do so. The Eagles can beat the Cowboys. They already have, and, if you recall, they did it rather easily. The Giants can beat the Cowboys in Week 17. They already have. In Dallas. While it’s not likely, and while it’s probably not going to happen, we get to sit here for one more week and wonder about the possibilities. And the Eagles are one Jets win a way from playing a high-stakes game on Christmas Eve with the Dallas Cowboys. And isn’t that fun?

So yeah, I know this season has been frustrating. And I know that it’s likely to end in heartbreak, but if somehow this team can pull this off, the mere improbability of it all makes it all the more captivating and interesting to watch. And if things don’t work out here and the Eagles fall short like so many of you ill-informed people seem to be pulling for, you have all of February and March to flood message boards and phone lines with your misery, bitching, and whining.

Shame on you if you don’t come along for the ride–however long or short of a ride it is.