Back on April 27, in the midst of the NFL Draft, I wrote the following about the Eagles ..."/> Back on April 27, in the midst of the NFL Draft, I wrote the following about the Eagles ..."/>

The Colt McCoy to Eagles Debate Rages On


Back on April 27, in the midst of the NFL Draft, I wrote the following about the Eagles potentially trading for disgruntled Browns QB Colt McCoy.

It’s been talked about at length this offseason about how the Eagles could use a viable backup quarterback to fill in for starter Michael Vick should Vick have to miss time this season.

The Eagles kicked the tires on new Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, but it’s fairly certain that the Eagles weren’t ever serious about taking a quarterback in the first round last night.

With Mike Kafka and Trent Edwards currently backing up Vick, there can’t currently much confidence in the team’s quarterback depth at this point.

But the Eagles do have some options. As some reports have suggested, the Eagles could target Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins which would not only solve the Eagles’ depth issues, but also provide the team with a potential long-term solution at the position.

But now it appears there’s another name that would make a lot of sense for the Eagles–current Browns quarterback Colt McCoy.

Reports suggest that the Browns are shopping the 25-year-old quarterback today after telling him that the team would not select a quarterback in the first round. Apparently, things changed as it appears likely that 22nd overall pick Brandon Weeden will be the team’s Week One starter.

The Packers have reportedly expressed interest in trading for McCoy to back up All-Pro Aaron Rodgers. Bill Huper of Packer Report points out that Green Bay possesses a sixth-round selection and four seventh-round picks to use in a trade.

You know whoelse also has some late picks that they may not need? Yeah, you do. Throw in the Heckert/Eagles connection and it has to be considered at least a possibility that Philadelphia would consider trading for McCoy. McCoy has proven he is a viable NFL quarterback over his first two seasons, and could provide the team that acquires him with a legitimate solution at the position.

The former University of Texas standout completed 57.2 percent of his passes last season, amassing 2,733 yards and 14 touchdowns in 13 games.

While those numbers aren’t exactly staggering, one must consider that McCoy played behind a mediocre offensive line and had the following weapons at his disposal: Greg Little, Josh Cribbs, Ben Watson, Evan Moore, and Mohamed Massaquoi were his top five receivers. In other words, McCoy played with an offense that bordered on the line between mediocre and garbage.

It would be interesting to see what McCoy could do with a set of legitimate playmakers. Maybe we’ll find out.

As we know now, the Eagles didn’t pull the trigger back then on McCoy, but word out of Cleveland is that the team’s former starter is none to pleased with his current situation. With the Eagles’ backup quarterback situation still a murky pictures, would it make sense to bring McCoy in?

Tommy Lawlor weighs in with his thoughts.

McCoy would have to learn the offense, although I’m sure it is similar to the one he played in last year since his coach was Pat Shurmur, a former Eagles assistant coach. Still, the way the system worked in Cleveland and the way things are in Philly are different. McCoy would have to adjust to the players and coaches. He’d be learning a lot. I just don’t see the upside to making a change.

If a guy like Matt Hasselbeck for some reason became available, go grab him. He’s a proven veteran who knows the system and worked with Reid years ago in Green Bay. He’d be worth the trouble. McCoy should be a target for teams who don’t have a backup they are comfortable with. The Eagles front office and coaching staff still likes Kafka. The drafting of Nick Foles tells you that they may not see Kafka as a starter, but he can still be a good backup if he takes a step forward this season.

I wouldn’t be angry if the Eagles traded a late pick for McCoy, but I don’t think that will happen. I also don’t think it should. Is he a true upgrade over Kafka? Remember, the question isn’t whether he’s got more experience. He does. Is McCoy better? Coming out of college I would have said yes, but a lot has happened since then. At this point, I think sticking with Kafka is the prudent move.

Really, what this all comes down to is–can Mike Kafka finish off a game if Vick can’t last? Can he hold the fort for a game or two should Michael Vick succumb to a nagging injury? Or would the more experienced option of McCoy be the safer option. To me, Kafka’s knowledge of the system may provide him a slight advantage, but McCoy projects as the bigger talent. If this is a make or break year for the Eagles, they better be damn sure Kafka can get it done if they’re going to turn their heads on a McCoy deal.

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