Join TV Dinner for Sunday Night Football


GMenHQ, Inside The Iggles,  and the FanSided Sports Network invite you to join us in watching the  Sunday Night Football showdown between the New York Giants and The Philadelphia Eagles with a select and exclusive group of fans on an exciting new iPad application called TV Dinner.  If you don’t have an IPad, it’s O.K., just jump on the web and go to

TV Dinner is one of the most exciting social experiences to come along in some time. Taking some of the best aspects of Twitter and Facebook, TV Dinner allows you to join other folks from across the world to watch and discuss television events in real time.

The brilliance of TV Dinner is that it cuts out the noise. Instead of wading through all the other chatter on Facebook and Twitter, the TV Dinner main menu breaks the conversation down by events.

Sports, TV and award shows. If it’s on TV, it’s on TV Dinner!

Just log in, select an event (like SNF) and jump right into the conversation. You can comment on the action, post pictures with a caption and even put together a poll so other users can vote.

The messages, called “Nibbles” are shared with the rest of the group. If other users like your nibbles, they can vote for you by “Cherry Picking” it. You see, along with being a fun way to interact with other people enjoying the same event as you, TV Dinner is also a game. The “Leader Board” will flash periodically throughout the event showing the users who are getting the most votes from others. Users can even share their favorite content on Facebook!

TV Dinner and FanSided are offering you a chance to help shape this fun new application by joining Sunday’s special Beta Test Group for Sunday Night Football.

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I’ve been a part of two TV Dinner Beta Tests so far and I have to tell you, it is a blast. It is really simple to use and you’ll likely figure it out in mere minutes.

We hope you enjoy the experience and we’ll see you Sunday night at 8EST on TV Dinner!