What Are The Realistic Expectations For Nick Foles In 2014?


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles is entering the 2014-2015 season fully entrenched as the starter, he had a historic 2013 season posting video game numbers. With a stat line of 27 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions in 10 starts, some have outrageous projections for Foles. Some are extremely wishful, and others are down right disrespectful. Foles has the right tools and weapons to produce at a happy medium. Of course he can tank or keep up the ridiculous numbers, but lets sit and divulge into the realistic expectations.

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Things weren’t going well for the Philadelphia Eagles at the start of the 2013 season. Former Eagles QB Michael Vick was at the helm, and was leading the team into mediocrity. When Vick was sidelined with a hamstring injury, Nick Foles stepped in and never looked back. Foles displayed the full arsenal last season. He improved his arm strength and accuracy while showing great poise in the pocket. Foles threw an NFL record 7 touchdowns versus the Oakland Raiders in week 9, and led the team to the playoffs for the first time since 2010. He proved he can be the franchise QB and raise the level of play of the entire team. Foles deservingly made the Pro Bowl and showed he belongs in the top echelon of Quarterbacks.

With quick success in a small sample size, people are quick to place vast amount of labels on Nick Foles. Some are infatuated with the gaudy numbers, some call him a one year wonder and a bust waiting to happen. Both labels are unfair, to put it simply, we just have to be patient. I have no doubt Nick Foles is the real deal, he has the right mind set and physical tools to be great. The way he speaks and leads by example is exactly what a football team needs. Nothing flashy, just effective. Foles has the desire to become a better player, the motivation and overall love for the game leads me to believe that Foles will not take a step back. When you put in the hard work necessary, you’re rewarded in the end. But to think that his 27 to 2 TD to INT ratio will continue is absurd. People shouldn’t discredit Foles success, and neither should we expect perfection. Foles level of play will come back down to earth, but he will still bring in the accolades.

In 2014 we should expect Nick Foles to improve his overall efficiency. Foles has shown improvement this spring in OTAs and Mini-Camp, his confidence has skyrocketed and shows a greater command for the offense.  The stats on paper will look like a drop off this coming season, but in reality he should be able to amplify his consistency and efficiency based on the amount of improvement he has flashed this offseason. I fully expect Foles to have another Pro Bowl caliber year, and be in the range of 35 touchdowns to 10 interceptions and around 4000 passing yards. With this scheme, coaching, talent, and improved depth, Foles wont have to be perfect, just more consistent and confident. If he can take the next step into becoming a more well rounded player, it’ll show in the wins and losses column. Individual stats wont win you a game, playing with more command and knowledge of football will. The Eagles are primed to control the NFC East Division, and with Foles coming along, Philadelphia can turn into a very dangerous team next season. These aren’t wishful thinking goals, but realistic. Control the Division, strive to improve his play, and command the offense aren’t outrageous expectations. The improvement might not show in Foles individual stat sheet next season, but winning is why the game is played. With greater efficiency, comes greater team success.

With all the pessimism and infatuation, Nick Foles is a bit of an enigma. His stellar play actually might’ve hurt his reputation ironically. But in 2014 the realistic expectations for Foles aren’t immensely lofty, but rather attainable. People need to be patient and wait to see what Nick is made of. Every indication so far has been that he can flat out ball. Nick Foles has a chance to be great whether people want to admit that or not. In 2014 we will see a improved more efficient Foles, which isn’t good for the defenses he faces. Love him or hate him, Nick Foles gets the job done, and that shouldn’t change in 2014. Foles can be special this year and beyond, even if he doesn’t go for 27 TD’s and 2 INT’s. Realistically speaking, Nick Foles should do just fine next season.