Best Fantasy Football Team Names For Eagles Fans In 2014


August 30, 2012; Philadelphia, PA USA; Philadelphia Eagles mascot Swoop runs onto the field during pre game introductions before game against the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a while since we posted a new list. Philadelphia Eagles fans are busy working up creative names for their teams. With the start of training camp it’s time to get serious about lining up your Big Board for your Fantasy Football Fantasy League. We’ve added a few more names to the list so be sure to check them out.

In four weeks or so it will be the time of year where the regular Joes get to put on the GM hat and assemble their team for the Fantasy Football tournaments. Draft parties will gather in the dens, bars and patios across the country. The big boards will go up and the GMs/Joes will develop their strategies.

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Money is at stake but more importantly bragging rights are on the line. Eagles fans across the world will undoubtedly go with their hearts and pick some of the Eagles players when they know full well they shouldn’t. But for some reason, we cannot help ourselves. But probably the most important aspect of Fantasy Football is the team name.

Below is an updated list of names we’ve been able to locate or create. We’ll update this list a few times before the season begins. If you think of a name that isn’t on the list put it in the comments below and we can add it the next time we submit it. Here is the non-exhaustive list so far.

We welcome any creative names you can come up with.

Update: 7/27/2014

That Boykin Run!
Braman’s Bulls
Brent it like Becham
Donnie Jones’ Locker
Forever and Ever, Annen
Goode to the Last Drop
Here Comes the Boone
Here Comes the Cole Train
Huff the Magic Dragon
It’s A Cole Night in Hell
Keenan and Kel(ce)
Knott in My House
Let the Goode Times Roll
My Fleener Ertz when Eifert
Polk me with a fork, I’m Done
Spraying Mays
Swoop, There it Is
Zach and Maragos Make a Porno

Update: 7/4/2014

Barbre O’Reilly – My personal favorite
Beau, Ray, Me
Boone’s Farm
Coles Front
Donnie Jones’ Locker
Is There an Acho in Here?
Joe’s got Krugerans
Murphy’s Law
Not Tuckered Out
Regarding Henery
Return of the Mack-lin
Reynolds Wrap
Runnin’ in the Fast Lane
You’re Cole as Ice

Update: 6/27/2014
Can’t Foles Me
Chips Ahoy
Foles Clues
Foles Gold
Foles in One
Foles Real
I’m Foles Real
It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia
Hangin’ with Riley Cooper
Maclin Oat Bran
Maclin on your Girl
Maclin the Knife
Maclin-Tuner Overdrive
Nick’s Foles-E-Ate
Playing It McCoy
Regarding Henery
Sleeper Celek
Sproled on the Floor
Sproles Royce
The Celek Few
These pretzels are Maclin me thirsty
The Real Chip Shady
Tootsie Sproles


Previous list:

Beau Re Mi

BoyKIN Run

Casey at the Plate

Chip off the old Nest

Chocolate Chip Kelly

Cole Slaw

ConnOR Go Home

Davey Jones Locker

Easy MaClin and Cheese

Ertz So Good

Ertz When I Do This

Huff-ington Post Route

Jeremy Maclimpin’

Krugerans For Everyone

Logan’s Heroes

Maclin Ertz Himself

Maclin-Turner Overdrive

Marsh Mellow Corners

Peters Cottontail

Ridley Scott’s Shady Runner

Shady Bouncin’ 2 Da Ship

Sproled Out

Square “D”amion

The Celek Few

The Real McCoys

Tucker’s Town

Wolff in Sheep’s Clothing

Won’t Get Foles Again

Your Maclin Me Hungry