Three Reasons The Philadelphia Eagles Are Heading Into A Trap


Earlier this week on Inside Ihe Iggles we asked the question on whether or not the Philadelphia Eagles were headed into a trap game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Surprisingly 57% of the voters said that the Eagles are in fact headed into a trap.

Although the Eagles are obviously more talented, are the better team, and will be at home nonetheless, anything can happen on Sunday, and it is possible that the Eagles could begin the season 0-1. As unlikely as some might like that to be, it is a possibility.

Here are three reasons why the Eagles are headed into a trap.

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1. Eagles had sub par preseason

Yes, it was only the preseason, but if a player struggles it is still concerning. There isn’t just a switch that a player flips signaling the regular season. The Eagles starting lineup played exactly one half of good football, and that was against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Other than that one half though, the Eagles looked a little bit shaky. We saw some of the same problems as last year, especially on the defensive side of the ball, and as far as the first team offense goes, they certainly didnt show a lot that said “most dynamic offense in the NFL.”

If the Eagles preseason woes continue week one against the Jaguars and the home team gets off to a slow start at “The Linc”, the Eagles could find themselves in trouble against a Jacksonville team that is better than what meets the eye.

2. The Jaguars Improved….A lot

Although this Jaguars game may seem like a cake walk, you can’t discount the improvements that this team made especially on defense, and they did do some things offensively.

With former Seahawks defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley, now running the show in Jacksonville, you can bet that defense is ready to play and make some noise. They added former Seahawks Chris Clemens and Red Bryant on defense, and you can’t forget about Paul Posluszny leading the defense along with last year’s first round pick, safety Johnathan Cyprien.

On offense they added Toby Gerhardt and Marqise Lee to add some weapons, and then you can’t forget about wide receiver Cecil Shorts. Chad Henne is really the only question mark on this Jaguars offense, but if he gets hot and is seeing the field, he can certainly have a good day especially against this Eagles defense. If Matt Cassell can do it, why not Henne?

3. The Eagles Are Overlooking This Game

With all the talk about the Super Bowl and how the Eagles are clearly the best team in the NFC East, everybody has seemed to forget that we still have a season to play and that there is still a pretty talented Jaguars team coming to Philadelphia week one.

The saying is, “take the season one week at a time”, but coming in as the early favorites to win the NFC East and possibly going to the Super Bowl has put a target on the Eagles backs and you can bet the Jaguars will be looking to come in and spoil the party.

The spread line for this game has the Eagles as 10.5-point favorites, but the Jaguars aren’t that bad, and it would not be surprising if this game is a lot closer. The Jaguars have improved a lot since last season and will be ready to go against the Eagles. A slow start and Philadelphia could be in a world of trouble.