Philadelphia Eagles’ Nick Foles Emerges As A Leader


Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

When the dust cleared from the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins football team game this past Sunday, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles emerged as an unquestioned leader. The 25 year old showed grit, mental and physical toughness, all while having arguably his best game in a Eagles uniform. Everyone watching was in awe of the young quarterback.

It wasn’t long ago when many fans and even some analysts were calling for Nick Foles head. Foles play in the first two games left a lot to be desired. Nick was inaccurate, erratic, and down right bad at times. Some went too far, calling for Eagles backup quarterback Mark Sanchez. I personally never felt there needed to be a change at the quarterback spot.

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Nick Foles needed to have a big game on Sunday and boy, did he deliver. Nick started and finished the game sharp. His accuracy was a thing of beauty at times. Foles footwork was also much improved from previous weeks, and it showed. Foles second touchdown pass to wide receiver Jordan Matthews before halftime was gorgeous. The ball placement was pinpointed over the defenders head and right to Matthews.

Nick Foles didn’t just show he was leader because of his gaudy stats, but rather the things that don’t show up on a stat sheet. Foles was hit often and hard. The Eagles Offensive Line was already thin due to injuries and suspension, but Sunday tested the Eagles depth to the very limit.  With Center Jason Kelce suffering a abdominal injury, the Eagles were going into the final stretch of the game with 3 of 5 starters along the Line out.

The pressure from Washington was revved up in the second half against a battered and bruised Eagles O-Line, and Foles was never rattled. Stepping into pressure, Foles was delivering flat out dimes to his receivers. With pressure in Nicks face, he still showed poise and toughness to absorb the hits. Washington knocked Foles down, he popped right back up. The gritty quarterback injured his shoulder, but Nick still played at a high level.

Even with all the hits Nick Foles was brushing off, his toughness got tested in the fourth quarter. Washington defensive tackle Chris Baker put a brutal hit on Foles with a cheap shot on a interception return (was later called incomplete). This play was just flat out dirty. Foles wasn’t involved in the play, but Baker didn’t care. What followed after that hit was crazy. All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters quickly saw his quarterback get obliterated and backed him up. A brawl broke out as punches started flying and both Peters and Baker were ejected. The offensive line was now down to its last lineman.

Like the first three quarters before, Nick Foles hopped on his feet and went right back to the huddle. Foles was fired up, and led the Eagles down the field for a crucial score as he threw a 27 yard strike receiver Jeremy Maclin. Nick Foles earned his stripes, even with his harshest critics. Not many quarterbacks in this league would’ve shown the same poise and toughness that Nick Foles showed on Sunday.

Fighting through all the turmoil, Foles turned in his best game in a Eagles uniform. If you doubted him, now you have an answer. Yes, Nick Foles is the Philadelphia Eagles franchise quarterback. When Washington’s dirty tactics failed, Nick Foles seized the moment and became the unquestioned leader of the Eagles.