Question Nick Foles No More: Nick Has Guts And Bodyguard

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Sep 21, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback

Nick Foles

(9) lies on the field after begin hit by Washington Redskins defensive end

Chris Baker

(92) at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Redskins, 37-34. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

 Nick Foles Has Guts And Bodyguard Named Peters: Question Foles No More:

We’ve heard it. Some of us have propagated it. The question that quarterback “Nick Foles is struggling?” seems to pop up after each Eagles victory.  The question that always comes on twitter, that this Eagles team is ripe to lose to a team who comes in with everything to win and nothing to lose.   The question that so many ask each week, how did they win?  The answer this week?  Nick Foles.

One point does not a trend make.   Two wins does not a season make.  But three wins on a day that found the starting quarterback leveled from a cheap and cowardly shot from behind by the infamous Redskins defensive end Chris Baker should settle the dispute once and for all.  Nick Has Guts.   Question Foles no more.  If you don’t believe me, ask 6′ 4″  left offensive tackle Jason Peters.  But before you do, make sure you are out of arm’s reach.   He doesn’t take kindly to someone cheap shotting his quarterback.

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On a game where the Redskins came into the game with the top rated defense of the NFL, it was the Eagles offense that owned the day.    On a day where two of the top five players for quarterback sacks faced an Eagles offensive line held together by duct tape and reserve players, it was that patchwork line who held Ryan Kerrigan and Jason Hatcher and the rest of the Redskins defense without a sack.   On a day with the Eagles running game stymied to 54 yards on the day, the Eagles needed to rely upon the passing arm of Nick Foles.

And Nick Foles answered with most likely one of the best performances the team could have hoped for.  Passing for three touchdowns, 325 yards, and completing 27 of 41 attempts, Nick Foles literally carried the team on his back today.   And that was a performance against a division rival that was so eager to win that they took a few shortcuts to the rules.  (see photo)

This season is more than a dominating offense, an opportunistic defense, and a special teams squad who can put points on the board.  This team is about teamwork.  It’s about a group of 53 individual players who are putting it all on the line and on the field of play for one another.   Check out the performance of the Eagles offensive line.   As a player leaves the game, another comes in and is expected to perform.  And they have.

The team has unquestionably no quit in it.   Coming from just three years ago when quit was so obvious that opposing team players guffawed about it to the press.   The Eagles will have a chance to settle that score when they face the San Francisco 49ers next week and their running back Frank Gore.    To remind you about that dark event in Eagles history, read it here:

And so the Birds are proving that they have what it takes to win games.  And still, the questions seem to follow because the scores never seem to end up 35-0.     Well, that’s tough to do this year.    The Eagles are playing a challenging schedule and are a marked team.   Each week they have faced the best of their opponents.  That will likely continue.

And each week they’ve had to reach deeply onto their depth chart to pull out that win.   This week the Eagles had to learn how to win without inside linebacker Mychael Kendricks, safety Earl Wolff, wide receiver Josh Huff, and offensive lineman Matt Tobin, offensive guard Evan Mathis, offensive Tackle Lane Johnson, offensive tackle Allen Barbre.   And today we witnessed the Eagles lose center Jason Kelce to an abdominal injury, offensive tackle Jason Peters ejection (following the Foles hit) and DeMeco Ryans getting x-rays on his hand (although he reassured that he’s fine).

Playing through the pain and not having a good game was running back LeSean McCoy, who was himself checked after a hard blow but later returned to the game.  His 19 carries for 22 yards is alarming, and shows how badly the Eagles need the offensive line starters to return.    Without that squad of familiar faces on the line opening holes, McCoy and Sproles were grounded today.