Lack Of Offensive Continuity Kills Philadelphia Eagles


Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles offense has been sputtering all season long. The team has not found their groove due to lack of continuity. This past game versus the San Francisco 49ers, the inconsistency reared its ugly head as the Eagles finally put one in the loss column. The disappointing play and coaching is a concern, but the chemistry just isn’t there.

You could see it on the Philadelphia Eagles first drive that the lack of chemistry between everyone was showing. The Offensive Line is in shambles, Running Back LeSean McCoy was held in check again, the Wide Receivers were not on the same page as Quarterback Nick Foles, and the Tight Ends were a non factor. This is a recipe for disaster.

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The Eagles struggled all game long just to get a first down. The offense never reached the 49ers side of the field until the fourth quarter. If it wasn’t for a surprising effort by the Defense, and the spectacular play of Special Teams, this game could have looked a lot worse on the scoreboard. Though the entire Offense didn’t look good, Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly probably coached his worst game ever since taking over.

Chip Kelly’s play calling was down right awful at times. Chip tried getting to cute with screens and run plays. When the Eagles run North and South the team has success, when they don’t you see lackluster performances like Sunday. You could make the case that Chip Kelly lost the game with his play calling towards the end of the game, especially when the Eagles were in the red zone to potentially win the game. Two straight bad pass plays killed the Eagles. I wont put the entire blame on Chip, be he surley didn’t do the offense any favors.

What I do blame is lack of continuity among the entire offense. It started in training camp during the summer. Riley Cooper pretty much took the entire summer off due to an ankle injury. Cooper has been dreadful this season and many times seems confused and off with Nick Foles. Nick played with back up receivers all preseason long, that’s not conducive to a strong chemistry. Also this summer, news broke that Right Tackle Lane Johnson would be suspended the first four games because of PEDs. The offensive line played all 16 games with each other last season, and now with Johnson out, it began a bad luck snowball effect.

Starting Linemen Evan Mathis, Allen Barbre (Lanes replacement), and Jason Kelce have all suffered major injuries this season. That’s four top offensive linemen all out. This has contributed to Shady McCoy’s slow start, and Nick Foles not being as sharp as he should be. The offense looks lost. The line is giving up way too much pressure from pretty much everywhere. The one silver lining is that the team will get back Lane Johnson (this coming Sunday), Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce back at some point this season. Until then, this patchwork line has to step up to get the offense going. The season depends on it. The Philadelphia Eagles need to step it up.

This past game showed everyone how important it is to have the entire offense on the same page. If the Philadelphia Eagles were even mediocre on offense this past Sunday, the birds win easily. That’s how bad the offense was. One offensive touchdown would’ve made Philly 4-0. There’s a lot of things and factors you can point the finger at. Nick Foles, Riley Cooper, Chip Kelly’s play calling, the refs, or the O-Line. But when you go beyond the surface, this lack of continuity stems from the unlucky summer the Philadelphia Eagles had. The Eagles are sputtering right now, but if/when they get going, watch out. Sundays game was just a lesson on team chemistry.