Are The Philadelphia Eagles Good Or Lucky?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are 4-1, and are in first place in the division. But is the team just lucky, or good? Five weeks in and some people still don’t know. Analysts and fans have made arguments for both. At the end of the day a win is a win, and the team is showing different ways to win football games.

When you watch any game this season from the Philadelphia Eagles, there are times when you think that this team is the real deal. Other times you’re pulling out your hair from the bonehead, lackadaisical play. The Offense has sputtered, the Defense has had its issues especially in the secondary, and the teams two best players are underperforming in quarterback Nick Foles, and running back LeSean McCoy.

The team is very fortunate to be sitting on four wins. The Eagles could very easily be 0-5, or 5-0.  In saying this, I personally don’t feel that you earn a 4-1 record without being good. Yes, the team has been inconsistent and hard to watch at times, but the Eagles have shown a mental toughness to eek out wins. This is a trait that was never present in years past. Before, Philadelphia would lose the type of games they’re winning now. Don’t get caught up in the style of wins.

Luck and being good go hand in hand. In 2012 when Andy Reid was still Head Coach, the Philadelphia Eagles went 4-12. One of the worst seasons in team history since I can remember. That season, it seemed the team couldn’t get any breaks. Many fumbles went to the other team, many potential interceptions were dropped, many touchdowns were not scored, injuries rattled the teams psyche, and the locker room and coaches were a mess. This season the fumbles and interceptions are rolling the teams way like crazy, the team scores crucial touchdowns late in games, and with injuries the team stays tough, as do the coaches.

Yet as fans of the game, we call these things “luck”. They’re not. When you out hustle, work, coach, prepare the other team, you tend to get the fortunate bounce. Whether you think its the Football Gods looking out for the Philadelphia Eagles, or its because of this teams burning desire to win, Philadelphia is in first place in the entire NFC. The 2014 Eagles are no 2012 Eagles. The 2014 Eagles just win. The 2014 Eagles don’t do it with big names and unfulfilled promises. They do it with grit and overlooked talent. The 2012 Eagles had the names, the coach, and the promises of greatness and yet nothing to show for it except a stain on Eagles history.

The Philadelphia Eagles are good. There, its been said. Yes, some consistency will be nice for a change instead of these heart pounding games that shave 10 years off your life. However, the only stat that matters is how many W’s you got at the end of the day. The Eagles have four in the bank already five weeks in. Doesn’t matter if you win pretty or ugly, or who you beat, its did you win? And yes, the Eagles are winning, what more could you ask for? The point of the game is to beat the team in front of you.

Being lucky is being good at times. The Philadelphia Eagles have four wins, and they weren’t pretty, but that’s not what matters. Yes, Nick Foles needs to play better. Yes, the team needs people who can cover somebody, but at 4-1 people need to slow their roll. The Philadelphia Eagles have showed the grit, desire to win, and mental toughness to be great. No other team in the NFL has showed the type of resiliency to overcome adversity like the Eagles have. That tells you something, nothing fazes them. The 2014 Eagles are lucky because they’re good. Simple as that. Eagle fans, enjoy the wins, they’re hard to come by in this league. On to the next game.