Philadelphia Eagles Stomp On New York Giants


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

When all the trash talk finished, the stadium lights turned on, and the game was ready to be played, the Philadelphia Eagles stomped on the New York Giants. The Eagles pitched a shut out in a dominating performance that silenced many critics. For the first time this season, Philly finally played a complete game, and showed just how dangerous this Philadelphia Eagles team can be.

All week long, all we heard from the New York Giants was how good the offense is, and how this Philadelphia Eagles team isn’t the team to beat in the NFC East. There was Super Bowl jabs thrown by Giants corner Dominique Rogers-Cromartie in a picture with a fan. Safety Antrel Rolle claimed the only reason why the Birds won the division last season was due to the division being weak. Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul claimed the Eagles should be 0-4 (his math was off just a bit).

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Trash talk doesn’t mean anything, the game still has to be played. When the Philadelphia Eagles stepped onto the grass of Lincoln Financial Field, they knew what needed to be done, dominate. From the get go, the Linc was rocking. The Giants looked perplexed since the first snap, even though they stomped on the Eagles logo pre-game. The Eagles came out fast and hung up 20 points in the first half. The offense was crisp, and the defense was harassing Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

The only concern coming out of halftime was the team possibly getting complacent. It happened last week versus St. Louis and the team almost blew that game. Well, that didn’t happen. Eli was constantly facing pressure as he took a plethora of hits. Manning was rattled and could not find a groove thanks to the stingy D. To make matters worse, Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz tore his right patella tendon in his knee in a non-contact freak accident.

The Philadelphia Eagles took their foot off the gas late in the game as they attempted to put New York out of their misery. Giants head coach Tom Coughlin had other plans. Instead of just taking the loss and going back to the locker room, Coughlin put his backup QB in and used all three timeouts to try and get on the scoreboard to erase the goose egg they eventually finished with. Not a classy move on many levels, games over players might get injured, and the Eagles did them a favor by just running clock, not to mention the embarrassment factor of staying out there when its 27-0. Weird move by New York.

The Philadelphia Eagles finally put together a full sixty minute game. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was sharp, except for his bonehead interceptions, running back LeSean McCoy looked like the best back in football again, the offensive line was dominant especially left tackle Jason Peters, and the defense played almost perfect. What more could you ask for as the team heads into their bye week? Nothing, this was the type of game the Philadelphia Eagles needed. A game that shows what they could do when they’re firing on all cylinders.

Games like this silence even the harshest critics. The Philadelphia Eagles are for real. They can win ugly, from behind, and “pretty”. That is a sign of a elite team. The Eagles have been riddled with injuries, doesn’t matter, they still win. The QB and running back play inconsistent for the first five games, doesn’t matter, they still stick with them. The secondary is struggling, doesn’t matter, they still make plays. This 2014-2015 Eagles team knows how to get it done. Talk is cheap, the Eagles know that, the Giants don’t. It showed last night as the Philadelphia Eagles stomped the New York Giants 27-0. On to the next one.