Philadelphia Eagles Need To Move On


Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

When the clock struck zero on Sunday, everyone knew the Philadelphia Eagles had just given away a win against the Arizona Cardinals. It’s over now, whether we like it or not, its time to move on. There were plenty of factors that played into the Eagles letdown in Arizona, play calling, poor Quarterback play, refs, and a blown coverage. Fans and media will dwell on these things as they should, but the team needs to move on because the season doesn’t stop after one heartbreaking game.

You knew it from the opening whistle that the refs were going to play a major factor in the game. While I rarely blame refs, this officiating crew killed multiple Eagle drives and stops on both sides of the ball. They don’t deserve all of the blame, but its irritating as a fan of the game to see play stopped after every other play for a ticky tac penalty. The flow and rhythm of the game was completely ruined because of the refs preposterous judgment. Pace is essential to the Philadelphia Eagles, and unfortunately there was none because of all the yellow flags that were on the turf.

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The refs definitely impacted the game, but they did not decide it. Quarterback Nick Foles has been down right terrible at times. Nick’s right heel must be sore, because he was throwing off his back foot all afternoon. His interceptions were a product of his poor footwork. The Arizona Cardinals brought relentless pressure, sending the whole house. Foles had the deer in the headlights look, as he kept dropping further and further away from the pocket. Late in the game when the team still had some hope with 1 second left in regulation, Foles drifted about 15 yards away from the line of scrimmage, and floated a duck out of bounds. Nick did have some really gorgeous throws, but his consistency has been a major issue, and one to keep an eye on.

Even with Nick Foles’ uneven play, Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly called one of the worst games I’ve ever seen him call. He didn’t do Foles any favors by calling a foolish amount of passes against pressure. Kelly’s redzone play calling has to be the worst in the NFL at this point. Kelly tries to get too cute in scoring positions, it backfires on him and costs the team valuable points. On a enormous 3 and 1 at the Cardinals two yard line with two minutes left, Kelly calls a run out of the shotgun. Why? Everyone watching knew it was coming. Not to mention the plethora of challengeable plays that Kelly did not pull the trigger on. Kelly even hired a special challenge guy this summer to help him. Many momentum plays could have been shifted if he would’ve challenged.

Throughout all this turmoil, the Philadelphia Eagles were still in a great position to win the game. With less then two minutes left, the Cardinals had the ball trailing by three. All through the game, Arizona couldn’t do anything with their offense. The Eagles defense was really stout for 58 minutes, then it happened. Corner Cary Williams and Safety Nate Allen, both arguably the most hated Eagles even before Sunday, had a signature breakdown. Cardinals wide receiver John Brown smoked Cary and Allen for a 75 yard bomb with little time remaining. Just like that, a game that should have been had is now a loss. Heartbreak, anxiety, stress, and agony fill the Philadelphia Eagles faithful.

This game wont go away in the minds of many. Fans and media will nit pick every inch and spec of this game. This in reality, isn’t important. Its about the team, Foles, Chip, Cary, all of them. The entire Philadelphia Eagles team needs to look at this game to learn and move onto the Houston Texans. Yes, the Eagles should have won, but its over, cooked, set in stone. The team needs to realize that games like this happen and getting back on track is whats most important. Fans and media will talk and criticize, but its the guys on the field that need to move on. Once they do that, the fans will too. The Philadelphia Eagles blew it yesterday, but hey it happens, it’s a one game approach. On to the next one.