Five Bold Predictions For Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Texans


Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles play the Houston Texans on Sunday night in what will be a tough game. It’s a big game for both teams and a game that the Eagles should win. Here are five bold predictions for Sundays game:

1) Connor Barwin has two sacks against his former team:

Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin has been very good this year, already recording six sacks on the season. Barwin returns to face his former team where he spent four seasons after being drafted in the second round by the Texans. Barwin will have a point to prove when going against his former team and I expect him to have a big game and get a couple of sacks. Houston Texans right tackle Derek Newton has not been great in pass protection and has given up a lot of pressure, Barwin should have a big game going up against him.

2) The Eagles will throw the ball 45+ times again:

Sorry Eagles fans, I know it appears ridiculous that Eagles threw the ball 62 times last game, but it was the correct game plan.

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This Sunday will be a similar story, I don’t think the Eagles will be able to run consistently on the Texans defensive line. The Texans have given up 15 touchdowns this season and an average of 271 yards per game and which is 5


worst in the league. However, they are a top 10 run defense, only giving up 4 touchdowns all season and an average of 108 yards per game. Expect the Eagles to throw the ball a lot again.

3) An Eagles cornerback will have an interception:

This doesn’t appear exactly bold but an Eagles cornerback hasn’t had an interception since Brandon Boykin intercepted Kyle Orton in week 17 last season. Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has actually played well this season. Despite playing well, he has thrown 7 interceptions this season and does give opposing teams chances to pick him off. Surely an Eagles cornerback will get an interception soon right? If I had to predict who would get it, I’ll go with Nolan Carroll. I expect the Eagles to get him on the field more and he’s the best cornerback the Eagles have right now.

4) Nick Foles will throw over 400 yards and Jeremy Maclin will have over 150 yards receiving:

I expect Eagles quarterback Nick Foles to throw the ball a lot as mentioned in my prediction number 2 against a bad secondary. I am also very hopeful that he will have a really good game. Foles is at his best when he gets the ball out quickly and I expect the Eagles game plan will be based around getting the ball out quickly as they are going against JJ Watt. None of the Eagles receivers are playing particularly well at the moment except Jeremy Maclin so I expect the Eagles to feed the ball to him like they have been the past few weeks. He should have another big game.

5) Darren Sproles will have more yards from scrimmage then LeSean McCoy:

Eagles running back Darren Sproles should return from injury to play Sunday and will be instantly involved in the passing game. Focusing the offense around short high percentage throws, I expect Sproles to have a good game receiving as well as a few carries. Running back LeSean McCoy should have a reasonable game running the ball but as mentioned above, I expect the Eagles to throw a lot and use Sproles in the passing game.