The Philadelphia Eagles Are NOT Contenders


Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

There’s really not much you can say about the Philadelphia Eagles game last Sunday, they received a good old fashioned butt whooping. With this demoralizing loss, the question is simply, what now? The team got their clocks cleaned, crushed, dominated from the get go by the Green Bay Packers. What’s even more irritating is the fact that there’s really no positives you can take from this game. I saw a frustrated team lay down to a Packers team that in my opinion, isn’t that great.

Yes, Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a great player, but the Eagles were supposed to have the better coach and team, it didn’t show. The team must hit the reset button because the rest of their schedule is just brutal. We’ll all see if the team is contenders or pretenders.

The Philadelphia Eagles must move on. Throw this game out because there were just so many things wrong. The Eagles offense would move up the field, but costly turnovers or penalties took all the steam out of promising drives. The offensive line played its worst game, and Eagles QB Mark Sanchez had to start forcing passes, causing interceptions. Another scary sight was running back LeSean McCoy’s diva-ness, it reminded me of a former Eagles player that’s now in Washington.

The Eagles defense didn’t even make the trip to Green Bay. I saw one of the worst performances by this defense that I’ve ever seen, which is saying something. The Eagles might have the worst group of corners in the entire league, and yes that includes Brandon Boykin who has been getting torched as well. The pass rush was non existent, and the entire secondary forgot they had to cover people. Not a recipe for success.

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You can point the finger at the players, and rightfully so, but the coaching wasn’t very good either. Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly called a bad game. Some of the play calls were obvious and put Mark Sanchez in a bind. The scheme just didn’t look like its usual self that performs at clockwork efficiency. Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis also called a terrible game. Early on in the game, he refused to send pressure at Aaron Rodgers which in turn led to Green Bay having all day and thus carved up the defense. It wasn’t till late in the game when the team started mixing up blitzes and getting pressure. Too little, and very late. The game was already a million to three at that point. The bottom line is the Eagles got out coached on Sunday.

Are the Philadelphia Eagles a good team? Yes. Are they a great team? No. Until the Eagles and Chip Kelly can prove they can beat the big boys of the NFL, this team wont be taken very seriously. The Philadelphia Eagles are 2-7 against playoff teams. Before we start crowning Chip, we need to see this team take the next step. It hasn’t happened yet, and I’m not sure it ever will. That’s just me being honest.

The Eagles have the right culture and players, but when you fold like a wet taco at the sight of Aaron Rodgers and company, you’ll never win the ultimate prize, a Super Bowl. As fans we shouldn’t get complacent with division titles, honestly who cares? I want the team to earn the Lombardi Trophy, not just squeak by the Dallas Cowboys. It’s time maybe for us, the fans to raise expectations in Philadelphia. For too long, the Eagles have been complacent by just getting by.

No more, its time for the Philadelphia Eagles to stand up and take charge. This team can prove to me who they are. Their remaining schedule will tell us who exactyly this team is. Are they the Eagles that we saw give up on Sunday, or a team hungry to avenge themselves. We’ll see soon enough. The season depends on it. But as of right now, the Philadelphia Eagles are not contenders for a Super Bowl.