Eagles or Cowboys: NFC East Favorites?


Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys are both currently tied at 7-3 and sit atop of the NFC East. The Eagles are top currently as they have a 2-0 divisional record, whereas the Cowboys have a 1-1 divisional record. By breaking down both teams remaining schedule, I can predict who I think will win the NFC East.

Week 12: Titans @ Eagles, Cowboys @ Giants

Eagles win: I expect the Eagles to dominate a weak Titans team, this game could get ugly for the Titans if the Eagles get in a rhythm. The Eagles defense will be looking to bounce back after an ugly performance last week and the offense should have no problem scoring on this Titans defense. The Eagles should win this comfortably by double digits.

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Cowboys win: The New York Giants are a bad football team at the moment. They can’t stop the run and I expect the Cowboys to run the ball all over them. The Cowboys offensive line is exceptionally good at run blocking and I don’t think the Giants will be able to stop it throughout the game. I expect the Cowboys to sneak away with a win by a field goal.

Eagles 8-3, Cowboys 8-3.

Week 13: Eagles @ Cowboys

Eagles lose, Cowboys win: This one hurts, I’m not sure the Eagles are good enough yet to beat the Cowboys on their field with Mark Sanchez at quarterback. I think the Eagles can stop the ground game but won’t be able to stop Dez Bryant from destroying them. The Eagles will need their offense to play very well and score 30+ points to win this one.

Eagles 8-4, Cowboys 9-3.

Week 14: Seahawks @ Eagles, Cowboys @ Bears

Eagles win: This will be a really tough game, I don’t think the Eagles offense will win them this game for the Eagles. Everything the Seahawks offense does well, the Eagles should be able to stop on defense. Even the Eagles secondary can stop the Seahawks receivers, they’re terrible. Stop the running game and stop Russell Wilson from running the ball and the Eagles should win a low scoring game. Although this sounds strange, if the Eagles beat the Cowboys in week 13, I don’t think they win this game.

Cowboys win: I have no idea what to expect from this game, I just do not trust Jay Cutler or the Chicago defense at all. If Jay Cutler has a good game, the Bears offense should score 30+ points on the Cowboys defense. However, I think the Cowboys will consistently run the ball over the Bears and control the clock, leading to a close win.

Eagles 9-4, Cowboys 10-3.

Week 15: Cowboys @ Eagles

Eagles win, Cowboys lose: The Eagles get revenge after being beaten in week 13, hopefully quarterback Nick Foles will be back for this game and should regain his starting position. I expect a blowout, I think the Eagles offense at home on Sunday night will dominate the Cowboys. The Eagles could score 35+ points on this average Cowboys defense. As long as the Eagles defense doesn’t get blown out by Dez Bryant, the Eagles should win comfortably.

Eagles 10-4, Cowboys 10-4.

Week 16: Eagles @ Redskins, Colts @ Cowboys

Eagles win: The Redskins are abysmal, Robert Griffin III looks like an undrafted rookie right now. His mechanics are awful and he isn’t comfortable in their offense at all. As long as he isn’t injured he’ll be starting and there is no way the Eagles can lose to the Redskins. The Eagles are simply a better team.

Cowboys lose: A massive loss for the Cowboys, Andrew Luck should dominate their defense and Vontae Davis should at least be able to contain Dez Bryant. Eagles fans need to hope that the Colts still are in contention for a first round bye. They would have probably won the AFC South by week 16 so hopefully there is still an incentive for them to play their starters all game.

Eagles 11-4, Cowboys 10-5.

Week 17: Eagles @ Giants, Cowboys @ Redskins

Eagles win: This is a horrible spot for the Eagles. They embarrassed the Giants earlier in the season and the Giants are going to want revenge. However, can you really see the Eagles losing, knowing that a win puts them in the playoffs? I can’t. The Giants aren’t a good team and I think the Eagles will win a close game. But this will be close, very close.

Cowboys win: The Cowboys will win for the exact same reason as the Eagles, they are both much better teams than the Redskins. The Cowboys were beaten by the Redskins early on in the season, expect them to take revenge and destroy a rubbish Redskins team with nothing to play for.

Final Standings: Eagles 12-4, Cowboys 11-5.

I am very surprised I have the Eagles with 12 wins, I don’t think they are good enough to be a 12 win team but I like the way their schedule plays out. The schedule looked harder at the beginning of the season as teams like the Seahawks, Giants and Redskins are nowhere near as good as many expected.

The Eagles better aim to win 12 games as the Cowboys also have a pretty reasonable schedule, I expect them to win at the very least 10 games.