Philadelphia Eagles: Five reasons they beat the Seahawks


Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles face the Seattle Seahawks at the Lincoln Financial Field in what should be a close game. For some reason, I’m feeling very optimistic about this game. I wasn’t optimistic last week and the Eagles proved me wrong. I’m confident about this game for the reasons below, I think the Eagles win this game:

Home field advantage:

The Philadelphia Eagles have been unstoppable at home this season, winning every single game. They have scored 220 points at home this season, averaging 36.6 points scored per game and have only allowed 124 points, averaging 20.6 points allowed per game. The Eagles haven’t lost a regular season home game since week 8 last season.

In contrast the Seahawks are not dominant on the road, going 3-3 this season. The Seahawks defense is still strong on the road, they only allow an average of 18.5 points per game. However, their offense only scores on average 21 points per game. Statistics alone give Eagles a big advantage.

Eagles defense against the Seahawks offense:

The Philadelphia Eagles defense matches up perfectly with the Seahawks offense.

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The Eagles weakness is their secondary, the Seahawks cannot attack that because they have poor receivers. The Seahawks threat is their running game, something the Eagles stop very well. The Eagles shut down the NFLs best running game last week on the road in Dallas, they should be able to stop Marshawn Lynch.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is dangerous when running the ball and escaping the pocket but the Eagles defense should be able to contain him. The Eagles have a very athletic front 7 and do a great job containing athletic quarterbacks. Linebacker Connor Barwin has proved to be an excellent quarterback spy this season, Mychal Kendricks also do this if necessary.

Chip Kelly:

The Seahawks have a great defense but they don’t do anything confusing scheme wise. They play their base cover 3 defense with a 4-3 under front the majority of the game. Head coach Chip Kelly has 10 days to prepare a scheme that can beat the Seahawks in their base look, I trust Kelly to come up with some interesting plays that can beat the Seahawks cover 3. Expect the Eagles to attempt to get the running game going and then throw some crossing routes off play-action in between the linebackers and the secondary.

Winning the battle in the trenches:

The Eagles should win the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball. The Eagles offensive line are getting back to their best and the Seahawks defensive line hasn’t been as dominant this year as they were last year. The Seahawks have struggled on their offensive line with some injuries and Russell Wilson is often under pressure. The Eagles defensive front 7 should be able to get a lot of pressure this game, expect a big game from defensive end Vinny Curry.

The Seahawks wanted to avoid the Eagles last year:

I actually wrote about this a few months ago; why did the Seahawks want to avoid the Eagles? A few months ago, Eagles safety Chris Maragos said that the Seahawks didn’t want to play the Eagles in the playoffs (Maragos played for the Seahawks last year). I think the no-huddle up tempo offense worries the Seahawks a little bit. They would have never faced another team who do it like the Eagles.

The Eagles offense isn’t the exact same but they still run a no-huddle up tempo offense, the Seahawks won’t know what hit them on Sunday. Maragos described the Eagles as “new stuff” that they “didn’t quite have a handle on”. It will be interesting to see if the Seahawks have a better idea of the Eagles offense come Sunday.