Philadelphia Eagles: How Mark Sanchez Stole Christmas


Dec 20, 2014; Landover, MD, USA; Philadelphia Eagles tight end

Zach Ertz

(86) attempts to catch the ball in front of Washington Redskins free safety

Ryan Clark

(25) in the second quarter at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles: How Mark Sanchez Stole Christmas

It was the Saturday before Christmas, and all over the field.
The Eagles players were nervous, their playoff hopes reeled.
The stadium was packed, and the noise level was loud.
It was the Eagles and Redskins, a split even crowd.

The opening kickoff was clean, the ball spiraling high.
Josh Huff fielded the ball, and he ran quickly and spry.
For 23 yards he ran before downed.
The optimism was high, no Eagles fan made a sound.

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Mark Sanchez under center, and me with my beer.
I was nervous, I was concerned, and I made my thoughts clear.
While the offense was driving, they seemed a tad out of whack.
And my worst fears came to pass when Mark Sanchez was sacked.

The football squirted out onto the field like a grape.
Washington’s Ryan Kerrigan recovered, I think that was his name.
So the Eagles first possession ended with a turnover again.
I chugged and proclaimed: “Oh No! Not again!”.

The Redskins made quick work of the ball and I found.
The kick by Kai Forbath put the Birds three points down.
“That’s not the end of the world” I thought as I sat.
The Eagles can come back. And they did just that.

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  • When Shady McCoy made his 11 yard run.
    A touchdown and extra point, and the game became fun.
    Now this is more like it! I proclaimed to myself.
    And walked out to my fridge, pulling a beer from the shelf.

    By the time I returned, I saw a replay.
    DeSean Jackson caught a 51 yard pass on this day.
    Followed up by an Alfred Morris 28 yard TD run.
    I knew in my heart the pain had just begun.

    After sputtering offenses ended with punts by each team.
    I relaxed and hoped it was not as bad as it seemed.
    The game was still early and the Eagles were in it.
    Then a Sanchez to Cooper TD passed happened that same minute.

    Hey we’re up by four, and we need this win badly.
    When the half ended four up, I returned to the kitchen gladly.
    A Philly cheese-steak and salad then back to the game.
    I was hopeful the second half gave us more of the same.

    On a turnover kickoff, I was sure we were set.
    But no points from the redzone made me begin to fret.
    Then the redskins drove the ball down the field. Easy score.
    I knew what was happening, and I hated that all the more.

    With the team needing points, we were forced to punt.
    A second deep pass to DJax drove me nuts.
    A flag, interference, placed that ball on the one.
    Down 24 to 14, we all knew we were done.

    But the television grew loud, and I looked up to see.
    Riley Cooper with a touchdown. We might win finally.
    When the birds intercepted a deep one to DJax
    I began to grow hopeful, could we, would we come back?

    Short completions but we sputtered,
    we had missed 2 before?
    But our Parkey would not miss his third
    And the Eagles tied the score.

    Then the moment of truth. Our defense did hold.
    We forced them to punt. I began to feel bold.
    We had plenty of time, and we moved the ball all day.
    Surely we would win this one. Not pretty, but okay.

    But short pass to the left and short pass to the right.
    The redskins defense played up and the defense played tight.
    When the ball left his hands, I knew Sanchez did us in.
    Washington intercepted that ball. Drove the ball and would win.

    But the defense would hold, I told myself once more.
    Sanchez turned the ball over, but could the redskins score?+
    A quick pass to the left and the answer was clear.
    The Skins drove the ball down the field as I feared.

    And so on the season when the Eagles flirted with great.
    The season ended in a way that we all know and all hate.
    In a must win this game day, the Eagles found a way to lose.
    With two turnovers, I’m sorry. Mark Sanchez it’s on you.

    So off to do shopping before Christmas day will arrive.
    The Eagles playoff hopes dashed. Our post-season dreams died.
    But before the season ends, and before we all say farewell.
    Despite the 9-3 start, once more this mighty team fell.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, and to all a good night.