Philadelphia Eagles Talk: Can You Trust Chip Kelly?


Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL season heading into the playoffs, the Philadelphia Eagles are already making big changes. Owner Jeffrey Lurie has given the power and keys to the franchise to Head Coach Chip Kelly. The power struggle is officially over between General Manger Howie Roseman and Kelly. This team will sink or swim with Chip spearheading the organization. Can you trust Chip Kelly with this kind of power?

Even before the 2014 season, their were rumblings of Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman not getting along. There was a sense that both coach and GM were wanting more power within the team. A report came out that Howie Roseman was fighting for more power even before Kelly was hired as head coach. This isn’t a relationship you would want between coach and GM. Things got toxic and Kelly, according to reports, was thinking about leaving the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Was it a bluff on Chip’s part? It might’ve been due to the fact that he just received almost total control, in contrast, Howie’s “promotion” is really just reducing the amount of impact he really has on the team. Roseman has pretty much been relegated to the numbers, while Chip gained power in player personnel department. Now that the dust has settled, and Kelly is now the captain of the ship, what direction will the Eagles go in?

As the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Chip Kelly is perfect for the team and fans. Kelly is one of the better coaches in the league and has all of my trust as the coach of this team. I totally believe Chip could lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl one day. In saying this, with Kelly now being essentially the final decision maker with players, the confidence I have in him as a coach is contrasted in the way I feel as the head of player personnel.

Chip Kelly had his fingerprints all over this past 2014 draft. With the 2012 and 2013 drafts being extremely successful with Roseman, many didn’t know what to really expect from the 2014 draft. Well, the results haven’t been very good. Everyone beside wide receiver Jordan Matthews has major question marks. Just the fact that Kelly wanted to draft defensive end Taylor Hart in the third round is preposterous. Roseman talked Kelly out of it and took Hart in the fifth round instead, Hart didn’t play one snap all season. This is an example of poor scouting and player projection.

Even during the regular season, Chip already had final say on who plays and who doesn’t. When certain players were struggling like corners Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams, Chip refused to bench them for better options. This stubbornness cost the Philadelphia Eagles games down the stretch, which also led to the Eagles to missing the playoffs. If you can’t make the necessary moves to win, it’s very hard to put my full confidence and trust in you.

With a poor draft and poor coaching decisions down the stretch on Kelly’s record, fans should be very cautious with Kelly making most of the decisions. Chip Kelly is a great coach, but suspect “head of player personnel”. This team will go as far as Kelly goes. At least if the Philadelphia Eagles crash and burn or win a Super Bowl, we all know who to thank. Buckle up Eagles fans, Chip Kelly is steering the ship and I’m not sure where exactly we’re headed.