Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Mistakes To Avoid

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Dec 14, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback

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Philadelphia Eagles: 2015 Mistakes To Avoid

The 2013 season surprised most of the Philadelphia Eagles’ fan base in a positive way.  The 2014 season surprised most of the Eagles fan base in a bad way.  But with 2015 rolling around the corner, media and fans are weighing in on drastic changes to the team.   With two straight years of 10-6, the success of the team when facing a much more difficult schedule should have been sufficient to encourage us, but it was not. Now the team must turn the momentum back to the positive, and avoid Eagles 2015 mistakes.

In 2014, the team had some regression, but it had some positives.   Some point to the team failing to return to the playoffs and have a “let’s blow up the whole damned thing” attitude.  Perhaps that’s overreacting.   The team has been consistently 10-6.  In 2013, many things went the Eagles way.  In 2014, many things did not go the Eagles way.    2013 was a team playing a last place team schedule.  2014 was a first place team schedule.  2014 found the Eagles facing their toughest competitors on the road.  Disappointment is not an ideal time to make objective decisions.    New year means things will automatically change a little.  For the better or the worse is tough to know.  But the injured heal.   The bad choices are reviewed and new choices are practiced.  The playoff team of 10-6 in 2013 was not as good as the 10-6 non playoff team in 2014.  But that’s not good enough.

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So changes are needed.  How deeply do we need to change course?  Do you feel that we need to blow up the team and start over?  If you feel the team cannot succeed without Marcus Mariota at the helm, that is exactly what that path leads to.   Do you feel that we just need to show up, resign our free agents, and make another run?   Then 10-6 and likely being a bubble team for the NFL playoffs is our destination.

No.  We know we need to change things.   We know we can’t close our eyes and hope we get better.  In the same light, many fans (who are the silent majority it seems) believe it would be folly to blow up the offense that continues to lead the league, and give it’s skill players opportunities that create career record seasons among them.

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  • So prune, but don’t cut.  Sexy?  No.  Front page headlines?  Hell no.  A proven path to success?  Yes.   Okay, is everybody on board?  Yes. Let’s see then, if you are the Philadelphia Eagles, these are the top ten mistakes to avoid.  Wait… what?  Ten????   Good heavens, I’ll have you all asleep .  What’s say I give you a top five now, and then give you the other five on Monday lunch time?   Yeah, that will give you something to read in the lunch room anyways.  Sure… Okay.   Here’s my top five:

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