Should Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy Take Less Money?


The Philadelphia Eagles may or may not have some cap space issues depending on what article you read. According to the Eagles have $18,954,544 in available cap space for the 2015 season. Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy as recently as this week he is willing to restructure his contract to stay in Philly. But not take less money.

I know how hard it is to keep a team together and I want to be part of this team. But I don’t want to take less money. I want to figure a way to make it happen [where] we’re all together. – LeSean McCoy

One could make the argument if McCoy really wanted to stay in Philadelphia he would take lest money so he could stay with his team. So if he doesn’t want to take less money does that make him greedy and disingenuous when he says he wants to stay with his team? Is it really all bout the money for him but he’s trying save face?

Two years ago New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady signed a contract for considerable less money to stay with the Pats with hopes of winning a Super Bowl soon. Later today, he’ll get the chance to do just that. So that move worked for him as he’ll take the field against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

Exactly the opposite situation happened when Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant signed a very lucrative contract that has crippled his team from obtaining great players to place around him. The Lakers will probably not make the playoffs for several years now because they have very little cap space available.

It’s a tale of two extremes to illustrate a point. Should McCoy take less money to stay with the Eagles? It worked out of Brady but not for Bryant. Would it work out for McCoy to take less? If so, how much less should he take?

My take:

"I definitely think he should not take a dime less than what he is worth. In the end a team is loyal to winning, not the players. Last year former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson played the season of his career, his future looked very bright with the Eagles and their high-octane offense. And after a few weeks of attempting to trade him with no success he was cut. One of the best wide receivers the Eagles had seen in recent years.The players have to watch out for themselves and their families. If for some reason a player gets injured and his career is ended, settling for less money would always leave a sour taste in his mouth.LeSean McCoy was third in yards from the line of scrimmage this season with 1,319. He is 26 and in his prime so he needs to make all he can make. Restructure is fine but to take less money isn’t advisable."

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