Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft Roundup 1.0


Oct 25, 2014; East Lansing, MI, USA; Michigan State Spartans cornerback Trae Waynes (15) and Michigan State Spartans running back Delton Williams (22) celebrate win after a game at Spartan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back and better than ever. The often imitated, never duplicated Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft Roundup series is ready to tackle the 2015 NFL Draft.

Much like last year, we’ll give you four potential targets each week based on what the experts are saying is in line for the Philadelphia Eagles with the 20th pick in the first round. Over the next eight weeks we’ll put those players to a vote, and then in April we’ll feature the Mock Draft Roundup Playoffs.

So, buckle up.

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Before officially jumping in, here’s a note on Marcus Mariotta, the Oregon quarterback that could be the No. 1 draft pick and, maybe, is coveted by Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.

I’ve written before that the price tag just seems too high to go up and get Mariotta. But maybe I’m wrong about that.

I was operating under a much more expensive assumption than what’s put forth by Eric Galko at Optimum Scouting. According to Galko, for the Eagles to make such a move happen they’d need to trade their first- and second-round picks in 2015, their top pick in 2016 and either their second-round pick in 2016 or a collection of other 2016 picks.

If that’ s truly the price tag, the Eagles need to jump at this opportunity.

Obviously, if the Eagles are going to get Mariotta they’re going to lose their pick at 20 in the first round. That much was a given. It was probably going to take a first-round pick next year, too.

But if the rest of the cost is this year’s second-round pick, and at most next year’s second-round pick (or maybe a third and fifth instead), this is a no brainer.

Yes, the Eagles have holes to fill, but they also have their full allotment of draft picks at their disposal. This makes multiple moves possible. For example, if they do this and get Mariotta, and there is someone in the back end of the second round (where they’d be picking anyway) that Kelly wants, he should have the ammo to move up and get him.

Plus, you have to figure if they draft Mariotta, they’re trading Foles, and he’ll fetch at least a second-round pick.

If the Eagles walk out of the draft with only four guys, but they’re the right four guys, that’s much better than seven guys who might not be quite right.

That’s the last I’ll write on Mariotta for now. Onto this week’s fearsome foursome.

Erik Galko – Optimum Scouting

Galko has the Eagles taking PJ Williams, a corner out of Florida State, saying the Kelly “loves corners who are physical initially and down the field.”

Hey, anything that gets Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher out of town sounds like a good idea to me.

According to, Williams is just the sixth-best corner available, and the 50th-best prospect overall. Sounds like second-round talent to me.

He has a mix of “above average” and “average” measurables, including this note: “Fiery competitor that plays with emotion on sleeve and barks at opponents on tape.”

I like the sound of that.

“Vulnerable to double moves. Can take cheese in zone. Can fail to turn and locate ball when caught in trail position. Can take too long to regain momentum when caught off balance.”

Uh oh.

Here’s some highlights on Williams. I love the physicality. He reminds me of Sheldon Brown in some of these clips. He’s not afraid to throw a hit.

I realize this is only two minutes of tape, but it’s alarming how little actual pass defense is in there. The plays we do see are on poorly thrown footballs.

Initial judgment: Great second-round selection for the Eagles, but not at No. 20.

Lance Zierlein –

Zierlein has the Eagles taking Jalen Collins, a cornerback out of LSU, stating that due to Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham the Eagles need to find a corner with size and speed.

According to, Collins is the 10th best corner and 82nd-best prospect overall. He’s rated as second- or third-round talent.

ESPN doesn’t even have a draft profile done on him yet.

Scouts like his speed, his hips, jumping and physicality, but he “struggles with his backpedal at times…resulting in poor reaction time, particularly vs. smaller/quicker receivers.” He also “gives easy releases too often” which doesn’t sound at all like it fits with the Eagles’ scheme.

He’s only had 10 starts in college and scouts feel he needs to be “coached up” at the professional level. After the Marcus Smith experiment, I’m not so sure the Eagles will want to go there again.

Some film on Collins shows a guy who is willing to mix it up in run defense and has truly epic hair. If you liked Al Harris‘ locks, get a load of this dude.

This clearly isn’t Collins’ best game (Notre Dame) as you see him beaten on several key plays.

Initial judgment: I’m not even sure that I’d want this guy in the second round. Just seems a little too raw and the Eagles need immediate difference-makers in the secondary.

Rob Rang –

Rang has Kelly relying on his Pac 12 roots and going with Washington cornerback Marcus Peters, who “was kicked off the team at Washington” and comes with “all kinds of character red-flags.”


“He’s also the most talented corner in the draft,” Rang writes.

ESPN’s draft profile backs that up, ranking Peters (5-foot-11, 193 pounds) the best corner and the 18th-best prospect overall.

About the worst things ESPN says about him is he has “tightness in ankles” and “will clutch and grab downfield at times.”

Other than that, I mean, wow. Great in pass coverage. Plays the ball extraordinarily well. Solid in run support and goes after the football at every occasion.

The guy is legit.

Here’s some film on Peters from a game against Hawaii.  He seems to fight off blocks well and really hustles to make plays. I love the play he makes against the slant around the 4:35 mark and again at 6:00.

Initial judgment: If Kelly is satisfied there are no serious character issues and this guy can be a pro, the only issue the Eagles will have is whether Peters will still be around at 20.

Peter Schrager – 

Did you know the Eagles have a need at corner? Apparently everyone else does, as Schrager follows suit with a prediction that the Eagles will select Michigan State corner Trae Waynes at 20, saying he was “a favorite of NFL scouts all year and should be a no-brainer top 20 selection.”

Waynes is the No. 2 corner overall and 19th-best prospect, according to ESPN, making him not a bad consolation prize after Peters. He has good measurables and is “respectful and accountable” with a “strong work ethic.”

He has good coverage skills, though a little better at zone, and projects to have some problems against smaller, quicker receivers in man coverage. He does a nice job playing the ball and is physical and aggressive in run support, a noted “very good overall tackler.”

Check out some video here. His first highlight is getting a pick while in solid pass defense position. I like it. And check him out destroying the quarterback around the 1:05 mark. That’s a heck of a play at full speed.

I understand this is a highlight package, but man, I like this kid. And he’s already looking good in green.

Initial judgment: He has my vote out of this round.

Which way are you leaning? Vote below and check back for more next week.

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