Should The Philadelphia Eagles Make A Splash In Free Agency?


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The free agency period is quickly approaching, and the Philadelphia Eagles have big holes to fill. Should the team make a splash, or play it safe? The past offseasons have been taken on with immense caution. Backlash from the “Dream Team” free agents still haunt the fans and organization today.

The Eagles have been weary of big name free agents that come with a big price tag. Instead the team has signed question free players to humble contracts. This plan of action hasn’t hurt the Eagles like the dream team era, but it hasn’t necessarily vaulted this team into championship contention either. It’s time for the organization to take a chance, and try and get this team over the hump of mediocrity.

It doesn’t seem long ago when the team signed the likes of corner Nnamdi Asomugha, defensive end Jason Babin, defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins, and corner Dominique Rogers-Cromartie. These moves instantly made the Philadelphia Eagles super bowl contenders to the naked eye. The team got their wish, and splurged on big name free agents without any concern of scheme and culture fit.

This strategy crippled the organization and eventually led to many players getting released, and many coaches getting fired including former head coach Andy Reid. From 2011-2013 the Eagles as we knew them were among the worst teams in the entire league.

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The Philadelphia Eagles had enough. New head coach Chip Kelly was hired in 2013 and then general manager Howie Roseman was forever cautioned about the dangers of big name free agents. These past two offseasons, the team has taken the “play it safe” approach. The results have been mixed. Guys like outside linebacker Connor Barwin, safety Malcolm Jenkins, and running back Darren Sproles have all been productive with moderate contracts. But with playing it safe, you also get players such as corners Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher, and defensive end Clifton Geathers.

Moves like this have giveth and taketh away so to speak. Connor Barwin and Darren Sproles made the Pro Bowl, Malcolm Jenkins was the defensive leader, but Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher combined to make the worst corner duo in the entire NFL and would cost the Eagles some crucial games.

The Eagles have gone 10-6 two consecutive seasons, the team’s officially in limbo. They’re good enough to possibly win the division, but not good enough to win the super bowl. As a passionate fan, I personally think its time to make a splash in free agency. I’m not saying to sign everyone and anyone like 2011, but the team needs to address its biggest flaws and use their resources to land players good enough to make this organization a true super bowl contender.

Being a average/good team is fine and dandy, but winning super bowls is whats most important. It’s going to be year three under Chip Kelly, and there needs to be results before fans get fed up. The Philadelphia Eagles are close to becoming a great team, and a good offseason is exactly what this team needs. The Eagles still need to be cautious at times with certain players and scheme fit, but this team desperately needs playmakers. What’s the point of having money to spend, but never using it, or using it on below average free agents?

Players like corner Byron Maxwell, outside linebacker Jason Worilds, safety Rahim Moore would all be perfect fits considering scheme, need, and player character. The problem is the Eagles might be scared because of past instances to sign free agents like this for fear of another dream team. This can’t happen any longer. This kind of indecisiveness isn’t good when you’re trying to contend for a super bowl. Free agents like this don’t come around very often, and are still physically in their prime.

The Philadelphia Eagles need to get out of limbo and take a chance to fix their issues. The team has the money, the coach, the culture, and most importantly the fans to sign players like this. Being safe hasn’t burned the Eagles, but it hasn’t help achieve the one goal the team and fans deserve, a championship. It’s time for the Philadelphia Eagles to make a splash, and roll the dice on a super bowl. Being in NFL limbo isn’t fun.

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