Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft Roundup 2.0


Sep 6, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Wake Forest Demon Deacons cornerback Kevin Johnson (9) intercepts a pass against the Boston College Eagles during the first half at Alumni Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles fans like the idea of help in the secondary and shy away from character issues. At least that’s what I took out of Mock Draft Roundup 1.0.

Michigan State corner Trae Waynes was the clear winner, distancing himself from Washington corner Marcus Peters, in our first vote. Peters is the consensus top corner in the 2015 NFL Draft, but comes with character questions after he was kicked off his college team.

Waynes’ win was an indication to me that we are willing to trade of a bit (possibly) in talent, in exchange for not worrying about whether a guy has the mental makeup to be part of a team.

Waynes will advance to the Mock Draft Playoffs in a few weeks. Time to find out who will be joining him.

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Kevin Johnson, cornerback, Wake Forest

According to Bucky Brooks at, the Eagles should target Johnson at No. 20. He offers this cutting-edge analysis:

"“The Eagles need to shore up a secondary that surrendered too many big plays in the passing game.”"

Dynamite work, Bucky. We shall strive to dig a bit deeper, though.

Johnson is a bit of a mixed bag, according to ESPN’s draft profile. He slots as the fourth-best corner available in the draft and 39th-best player overall, which would seem to put him in that late-first, early-second round range. He’s rated as “exceptional” in “instincts/recognition” and “run support,” with such glowing praise as “Anticipates breaks and beats receivers to spot. Reads quarterback and tracks ball well in zone. Splits high-low route combinations. Disciplined. Rarely gets caught out of position and does nice job of passing off receivers. Quickly recognizes and reacts to double moves…” and “Not a powerful tackler but finds ways to get ball carrier to ground. Wraps and willing to sacrifice body to make play.”

But Johnson grades just “average” in “cover skills” and “ball skills.” Not considered to be a playmaker on the football, Johnson also “doesn’t have elite second gear and can get beat over the top when caught in trail position.”

Given the plus side, one wonders if a lack of second-gear speed would be that big of a problem.

Highlights can be seen here. The kid seems like a playmaker who isn’t afraid to stick himself into the pile and deliver a hit.

Johnson seems like another high-end possibility at the corner position. If the Eagles are looking at this as a priority position, he might be a “trade back” target that would see the Birds move out of the first round to the early second in exchange for more picks.

Bud Dupree, defensive end/outside linebacker, Kentucky

You’ve got to love this guy’s name, right? Bud Dupree. Sounds like a folk singer. Or, he sounds like the No. 20 pick in the NFL Draft, according to’s Chris Burke.

Calling Marcus Smith a huge disappointment – and, hey, who can argue – and citing uncertainty over Brandon Graham, Burke predicts the Eagles will go after Kentucky’s 6-3, 270 pounds senior. rates him as the second-best outside linebacker and 36th-best prospect overall.

Burke is a prototypical 3-4 outside linebacker, according to ESPN, and just sounds like a good kid overall. No off-field incidents, interested in community building, etc. Nice.

Burke sounds like he’d be more of a project as a pass rusher, but the raw talent is there. He’s noted for being a solid cover guy and plays well against the run, though he’s not outstanding at setting the edge.

Highlights are here. Apparently his first name is Alvin, which really just furthers the folk singer thing. I see him playing a lot of 4-3 end, in which he demonstrates some explosiveness off the ball and ability to get to the quarterback. All I see him doing is running around people to get there, though. He won’t be able to do that in the NFL.

He’d be a solid acquisition, but also is something of a project. Perhaps not to the extent that Marcus Smith was/is, but he needs some work. Will Chip Kelly be looking to go down that road again in the first round? I doubt it.

Quinten Rollins, cornerback, Miami (Ohio)’s Dane Brugler sees the Eagles going with a corner, but not a guy most expect. The University of Miami (of Ohio)’s Quinten Rollins is apparently the eighth best corner in the draft and the 76th best player overall. Sounds like third-round talent, not a guy for the 20th pick.

Oh, and there’s this, from Brugler: “After a four-year career on the basketball court, Rollins returned to football in 2014 and was the MAC Defensive Player of the Year, showing first-round traits as a cornerback that could fill a need for Philadelphia.”

No. No. No. Let’s not use pick No. 20 on a guy who looked like a decent corner FOR ONE YEAR in the MAC. Due respect to the MAC, but while you might be able to have the athleticism to be a competent corner against those receivers, that and jumping in as an NFL starter are two very, very different things. That’s like saying after years of ordering lunch, you successfully made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and are now in the running to be hired as head chef at a new French restaurant.

Here are some highlights. The video is subtitled “Draft’s Best CB,” so apparently we’re all drinking the Kool-Aid. I’m struck by how terrible MAC quarterbacks are. I mean, wow.

I’m not going to spend too much more time here, because this would be a ridiculous first-round pick. I’m OK with this guy in the third or the fourth round, because that’s when you take project players. Not at No. 20.

Shaq Thompson, outside linebacker, Washington has this annoying mock draft where you have to view a slideshow to see all the picks. I’ll save you the trouble and tell you they predict Shaq Thompson out of Washington.

Thompson grades out as the fifth-best outside linebacker and 79th-best prospect overall, according to ESPN. The junior stands just 6-foot-2 and weighs in at 224 pounds. To compare, Connor Barwin outweighs this kid by 40 pounds.

He’s another good character guy, which would fit Chip Kelly’s “culture beats scheme” model, but he’s also something of an enigma. He started the 2014 season as running back, but then was shifted to outside linebacker. Oh, and he started his career as a corner.

Everything I read on this guy tells me he’d be a solid cover linebacker, but that’s not what the Eagles need. There is no way this guy is getting to the quarterback.

Check out some highlights here and watch Thompson doing a lot of things, like running the football, catching the football, playing special teams, tackling a guy, etc. Maybe Chip Kelly is looking to bring back the “iron man” days of football and will draft Thompson to play both ways?

Listen, the guy seems to have decent cover skills and isn’t afraid to throw a hit. He’s an athletic freak. He’s another player I’d be thrilled about in the third round, maybe the fourth. But at No. 20? That would be shocking.

So, who do you have this week? Vote below.