Philadelphia Eagles Free Agent Profile: Safety Da’Norris Searcy

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Film Study

I watched four of Searcy’s games from last year and I break down what I’ve seen below and on the next page. Searcy is number #25, if his number isn’t visible I’ll point out who he is. Also if I’m showing the play where there’s a tackle, it’s Searcy with the tackle.

The first play is below, straight away you can see him on the far right of the screen, Searcy shows good burst to get to the ball carrier quickly and he makes a good tackle.

This shows something he needs to work on and something he wasn’t asked to do a lot of, man coverage. He’s covering the slot and he’s too scared about getting beat deep so he gives up the short completion. He does react quickly to the catch and make a quick tackle however.

Here we can see his speed and wonderful tackling again. He comes all the way up from the single high safety position and makes a great tackle on Matt Forte, stopping him for only 6 yards.

Searcy is playing centerfield in a cover 3, he follows the receiver in front of him closely and makes a good pass breakup.

Another great play against the run, he sprints towards the running back and does a great job shedding the block before wrapping up the ball carrier.

Here Searcy is the deep safety in a cover 2, he takes advantage of a terrible throw and jumps the route and picks it off.

This play shows great instincts, he lets the receiver go past him as he knows that the corner is playing deep. He then undercuts the route and gets a pass break up, he should have had an interception on the play but couldn’t hang onto the ball.

An incredible play here, highlighting his coverage instincts again. He starts off in man coverage with the slot receiver but he leaves him to the safety as he spots the quarterback looking at the outside receiver, he then jumps in front of the route and makes a great interception.

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