Philadelphia Eagles Free Agent Profile: Safety Da’Norris Searcy

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Film Study (Continued)

Here we see him on the far right of the screen, although the ball isn’t thrown to him, it shows that he can play man coverage. He does a relatively good job staying with Patriots running back Shane Vereen who is very difficult to cover.

Another example of what he excels at – tackling. Searcy starts off inside the box and does a great job following where LeGarrette Blount is going and makes a strong tackle, bringing down Blount one on one is very difficult, especially for a safety.

Searcy starts of as the deep safety, he comes forward and avoids the block and brings down the runner for a short gain.

Here we see him again in man coverage, he is covering the Jets receiver who runs a crossing route and he does a good job staying with him.

Searcy gets an easy interception here but I thought I’d show it because it shows off his good ball skills. He is the safety on the right in cover 2 and he comes forward to a horribly thrown pass and makes a diving pick.

This is exceptional by Searcy, he doesn’t overcommit while the runner is hidden behind his blocks. The running back, Lamar Miller, is exceptionally quick but Searcy shows great burst to keep up with him and bring him down for a very short gain. This play shows off his speed and great tackling ability.

The final play is another great tackle, this time on quarterback Ryan Tannehill who tries to run the read option on 3rd and 1. Searcy does another great job not overcommitting, he follows the ball well and shows great agility and tackling technique.

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