Philadelphia Eagles Free Agent Profile: Safety Da’Norris Searcy

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I really like Da’Norris Searcy. He is a very good safety and would help the Eagles immediately. He has the best tackling technique of any safety I’ve seen a while, he rarely misses tackles and he consistently brings down the ball carrier. He can fight his way through blocks like a linebacker and rarely overcommits.

The issue is in coverage but it is not a huge issue. Searcy played a lot of cover 2 for the Bills and therefore didn’t need to show his ability in man coverage. However, when he was asked to man cover he proved that he could do it. He was able to run with receivers from the slot and didn’t give up any long completions. The Eagles don’t play much cover 2 but I believe Searcy’s skills can work in our scheme.

He also played single high safety reasonably well. He was asked to do it quite a lot and I didn’t see him get beat deep once. He had good instincts in zone coverage and was able to jump a few passes because of this. Also, when he came out of college,’s scouting report did say that ‘He has experience as a nickel back over the slot’ and he ‘Possesses the range to cover the deep middle and is fluid enough to line up over the slot in man coverage’.

Seeing Searcy as purely a run stopping safety or an in the box safety is wrong. He can play both free safety and strong safety, can play both man and zone coverage despite not being asked to man cover much. I think he would improve the Eagles secondary and I hope they spend a long time studying him and attempt to get it. Finding good safety play in the NFL is really difficult.

Over to you Chip Kelly and Billy Davis.

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