Philadelphia Eagles Go Inside The Mind Of Joe Theisman

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Aug 13, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly (right) answers questions during a press conference at Gillette Stadium prior to a joint practice with the New England Patriots at the Patriots practice fields. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports


After identifying myself and shaking his hand, I identified myself as a writer for InsidetheIggles, and asked if I could ask him some questions.

“Sure Bret, go ahead.” was his response, so ahead I went.

Question:  “What are your thoughts about the Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, and the innovations he is bringing to the NFL?”

Joe Theisman: “I don’t think it’s long term.  I mean, you can’t speed up the game.  The risk to the hurry-up offense is the three and out, or worse yet, a turnover.  Then the pressure goes right back onto the defense to hold the other team.  It works in college, and I get that.  College players start what.. two years?   NFL players start three times that amount.   An NFL team needs a hundred players to run a Chip Kelly offense, and that will never happen in the NFL.”

Question: “So you think Chip Kelly won’t succeed in Philadelphia?”

Joe Theisman: “Actually, I think he will succeed.  What gets lost in the shuffle of innovation and mechanics is the fact that Chip Kelly is a damned good football coach.”

Question: “Much of this off-season in Philadelphia has been the discussion of the quarterback position.  Since you have played that position, what insights can you give Philadelphia fans who are trying very hard to believe in Nick Foles, but after the 2014 cannot do so?”

Joe Theisman: “What I would tell Philadelphia fans is be patient.   Nick Foles has “it.”  You just can’t fake throwing seven touchdowns in one game in the NFL.  In fact, he had an incredible 2013 in his first time as the bona fide starting quarterback.   And then, he got hurt this year.    He needs the reps.  he needs to get out there and play with his team.  If you miss work, things pile up in the inbasket.  The assembly line moves slower.   He needs to get back in there and work through it.  He’ll be just fine.”

Question: “I’m really grateful for the chance to discuss football with you.  Would you like me to send you a copy of my story?”

Joe Theisman: “Sure.  That would be great.  Just shoot it to me on my twitter and I’ll take a look.”

As the room was emptying, I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture for the article.  And then, the lovely Gina Jones, another attendee at the conference, asked me if I would take her picture with Joe Theisman.   I consented on the condition that she would send me a copy of the photo to be included in my story.   My thanks go out to Joe Theisman for taking the time out of his busy day to answer a few questions, and to Gina Jones, for sharing her Joe Theisman photo with me to include in this story.

I’ll finish up with one more quote:

"“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Joe Theisman, 26 Feb 2015"

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