Philadelphia Eagles Facing Worst Case Scenario


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When the Philadelphia Eagles entered free agency, many thought the team would sign everyone and anyone, a day in and the Eagles are already looking at a worst case scenario. The organization has stockpiled cap space and where presumed to be big players in free agency. The Eagles have swung and missed on a couple players already and it seems the team is in worse shape than it was since the end of the season.

The Philadelphia Eagles made some pretty big moves leading up to free agency. Cutting veterans such as outside linebacker Trent Cole, corner Cary Williams, guard Todd Herremans, and tight end James Casey. None were bigger than the trade including running back LeSean McCoy. The team sent the soon to be 27 year old to Buffalo for linebacker and former Oregon Duck Kiko Alonso. This sent shock waves around the league and fan base.

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Eagles nation was already split with the QB controversy, but that divide widened. I myself agreed with the move personally for two reasons. The first reason is if Chip wants HIS team, with HIS players, then he has the right to get and let go whoever he pleases. The second is the most important, money. The Eagles after the trade received a stud young linebacker and obtained 45 million in cap space. This left the team with enough dough to re-sign wide out Jeremy Maclin and still splurge. The dominoes were lining up for the team to have a complete makeover. What could wrong?

The Philadelphia Eagles started off strong in free agency and things were looking rosy. The team has unofficially came to terms with top corner Byron Maxwell, and pro bowl running back Frank Gore. QB Mark Sanchez was also locked up for two more years. The team was on the right track as expected by many fans and analysts.

Then it happened, the team started to miss on players that seemed like a lock just a week ago. Jeremy Maclin didn’t want any part of a hometown discount and left to reunite with former Eagles coach Andy Reid, Safety Devin McCourty, who was a top target, took less money and re-signed with the New England Patriots, Guard Orlando Franklin struck a deal with the San Diego Chargers. With no real back up plan, the Philadelphia Eagles and fans are left scratching their heads.

The wide receiver market is bare, so is the safety market. This team still has enormous holes all along the roster, and there’s really no answer in sight. The team is now facing the possibility of overpaying for scraps. Average players will now want bigger contracts and the Eagles will almost have to give it to them. I’m totally on board with head coach Chip Kelly and his roster reshuffling, but the outlook doesn’t look too good for now.

The Philadelphia Eagles let some talented players walk out the door, and couldn’t strike a deal with others. I believe the notion was that the team was letting offensive talent go because Chip values his system more than skill players, and the team would give bookoo bucks to players on the defensive side of the football. Now that the team failed to retain Jeremy Maclin, the wide receiving corps is beyond thin. Your system can be great, but you at least need some talent to succeed.

The bigger problem is the defense. The team might have what it takes to succeed on offense based off Chip’s track record, but if the team continues to miss on defensive free agents, this season won’t go very smoothly. There’s still free agents out there that the Eagles could definitely use, OLB Jason Worilds, safety Rahim Moore, corner Tramon Williams, and Guard Mike Iupati. The team has the cash to sign most if not all of these players, but they cannot continue to strike out. If they do, this team will go down a very scary road.

The Philadelphia Eagles went all in for this free agency period, and they have come up short in meeting expectations. As the roster stands, it’s hard to say that this team can really make a super bowl run, that’s just the honest truth. The good news is that the season is still in its infancy. Chip Kelly better start blowing up agents phones, because this team cannot afford another lost opportunity on a top notch free agent. The holes are aplenty along the roster, fans and maybe the Philadelphia Eagles themselves better start looking for a miracle to plug all the problem areas. It was a disappointing day to be a Eagle fan, but hopefully the team can get back on track and start getting deals done.

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