Philadelphia Eagles’ Brandon Boykin Deserves To Start


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When you think of the Philadelphia Eagles secondary last year you think of mediocrity. The lackluster play led the Eagles to preform a complete makeover this offseason, and fourth year corner Brandon Boykin deserves to get the nod to start. Fans and people around the league have been clamoring for Brandon to get his shot, will the team finally let a pro bowl caliber player flourish?

As a rookie Brandon Boykin was installed as the slot corner, not uncommon for young players. Right from the get go, you knew Brandon had the potential to be special. His athleticism is off the charts, his fluid hips are extrodinary, his natural cover skills are something to behold. Sounds like a great player, the only problem? Boykin is 5’10, and thats being generous. The stigma from his height has hindered Brandon from breaking the label of a slot corner only player.

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The Philadelphia Eagles have gotten great production from Brandon Boykin in very limited snaps. Physical measurables and scheme fit play a huge role in the game of football. Head Coach Chip Kelly loves long, rangy corners on the outside to press and jam opposing receivers at the line of scrimmage. To Chip Kelly, Brandon doesn’t fit that role.

It’s almost amazing how Brandon Boykin has never even sniffed a starting role at this point in his young career. The Philadelphia Eagles starting corners that have been ahead of Boykin are laughable, Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Cary Williams, and the infamous Bradley Fletcher. That makes 4 corners who have been dreadful in a Eagles uniform, and have basically been banned from Philadelphia.

Each of these maligned former starting corners fit the mold of what the Philadelphia Eagles want in a player, all with the same disastrous results. For four years now, the Eagles have had the worst starting corner duos in the entire league. Giving up big plays have become the norm in Philadelphia. After each game you can almost smell the singed jerseys from the corners getting burnt all game.

You can have a corner that’s 6’1 with 34 inch arms, but if he can’t cover anyone whats the point of starting him? Brandon has his shortcomings, no pun intended, but the guy can flat out ball. I would rather have a player that might not fit perfectly but has proved that his talent is for real, than a player that is exactly what you want physically but can’t cover anyone.

The notion that all successful corners have to be Richard Sherman type players is false. 5 out of the 8 corners selected to the pro bowl were under six feet tall. Corners like Darrelle Revis, Brent Grimes, and Joe Haden have had great pro bowl careers while being “undersized” in the new era of big corners. Brandon Boykin has the talent that can land him in a pro bowl while turning the Philadelphia Eagles corner problems around.

The stubbornness of the Eagles coaching staff must change. For too long now fans have had to endure the atrocious play of the team’s dreadful corners. The Philadelphia Eagles have finally rid themselves of Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams. The team signed Byron Maxwell in the first phase of the secondary makeover. Now it’s time to give the 24 year old Brandon Boykin a chance that he deserves, to finally start. Fans know Boykin is a special talent, Chip Kelly must realize this as well.

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