What A Day Chip Is Having Ryan Day That Is

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Mar 22, 2015; Tempe, AZ, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly in attendance during the NFL Veteran Combine at the Arizona Cardinals training facility. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What A Day Chip Is Having, Ryan Day That Is

So far the million dollar question is who will the Eagles start at quarterback in 2015? If you look at the current roster, you see likely starting prospect in quarterback Sam Bradford, whose two ACL injuries less than a year apart have driven the Saint Louis Rams to cut their losses and trade him to the Philadelphia Eagles for starting quarterback Nick Foles and a rather complex set of draft pick exchanges.

Also on that starting roster is reserve quarterback Mark Sanchez, who started eight games for the Eagles in 2014 and was the man behind center when they dropped three of their last four. Despite the goodwill he earned early in the season, the mini meltdown was attributed to a shaky pass defense and an offense hell-bent on giving the ball away.

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A third quarterback on the roster is prospect Matt Barkley, who was brought to the Eagles in the fourth round of the 2013 draft, and was one of the first signs that Chip was looking for a quarterback who could run his offense. But two years in, he appears to be no closer to earning playing time than his first season.

A fourth quarterback on the roster in perennial favorite GJ Kinne, who shows up for the team this time of year, but has yet to make enough of a presence to earn a spot on the 53 final roster.

The 2014 numbers make it difficult to get a good read on the offense as well.   The team moved the ball at ease, gaining the ninth most yards on the ground, and the sixth most yards in the air.  But the team threw 21 interceptions in the year.  And while they moved the ball, the red zone offense was just under 50% on scoring a touchdown when they got within 20 yards of the end zone.    That was only good for the 23rd ranked offense in the NFL (16 is the mid point).

So that is the clay, the players who the team will be working on and coaching up, but which sculptor will be molding them? Well, former Eagles quarterback coach Bill Lazor is working some awfully impressive magic with the Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. But he’s gone. Former Eagles quarterback coach Bill Musgrave gave the team a one year tryout, and despite regression in the quarterback position, he moved on to become the offensive coordinator of the Oakland Raiders. So finally we come to the present, and the new quarterback coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Ryan Day.

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