Which Teams Are The Philadelphia Eagles Playing In 2015?


As everyone already knows, the NFL’s 2015 regular season schedule is set to release at 8 PM tonight. Every fan of the Philadelphia Eagles is anxious to see who their favorite team will open the season against, when they play their rivals and everything else.

Although the schedule release has become an annual event thanks to the marketing job done by the NFL. But we actually already know which teams the Eagles will play and whether they are at Lincoln Financial Field or on the road. So the big hoopla that’s made of the event is actually pretty ironic, since we have already known the most important part of each team’s schedule for a couple of months. Anyway, here is a reminder of the Eagles’ 2015 opponents:

Philadelphia Eagles opponents for the 2015 regular season. (via PhiladelphiaEagles.com)

As always, the Eagles will play their division rivals six times, that will never change. They will also face the entire AFC East division. Of course the Eagles have to play them in 2015 because each of those teams have improved this offseason…that’s just their luck. The New England Patriots may be the only team out of those four that has taken a step back, but they’re the Patriots, they’ll always be good as long as Tom Brady is playing quarterback and Bill Belichick is making the calls.

Philadelphia will also play the entire NFC South division which should be much better than it was a year ago. That division was an absolute mess in 2014 but I believe all of the teams in the south will get it figured out and return to being one of the most feared divisions in the league. Tampa Bay has the top pick in the draft and will likely draft their franchise quarterback with that pick, whether it is Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. Atlanta has focused on their defense this offseason and brought in former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn to be their head coach. Carolina and New Orleans both have the pieces and coaching staffs in place to turn it around but they’ll need a solid draft to really return to dominance.

That leaves the Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions as the other teams remaining on the Eagles’ schedule, because they each finished in second place in their division in 2014. Both of these teams are on the rise and will be very difficult match-ups. Luckily the Eagles do not have to travel to Arizona to play the Cardinals, they haven’t had much success there as of late. The Lions have a dangerous passing attack led by quarterback Matthew Stafford so hopefully the signing of cornerback Byron Maxwell helps in that game.

All that being said, the actual structure of the Eagles’ 2015 regular season schedule will have an impact on how the team performs. Whether it’s multiple consecutive road games, short weeks coming off a primetime game, when the team’s bye week is, etc. The NFL has dealt the Eagles a pretty bad hand in terms of their schedule the past couple of years, it’ll be interesting to see if they catch a break in 2015…although I doubt it.

Be sure to check back here on Inside The Iggles later tonight for the latest on the release of the regular season schedule for your Philadelphia Eagles!

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