Bacon, Eggs and Eagles – Schedule Reactions, Mariota Trade?


Now that we’ve had some time to sit back and take a better look at the Philadelphia Eagles 2015 regular season schedule, it appears to be a pretty favorable one. Everyone has their own opinion of the schedule which is why I have included multiple links below to various schedule reactions, previews and breakdowns.

There’s also a brand new potential rumor out there that ends with Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota landing in Philadelphia. Oh man, that would be fun…just when you start to think the Mariota to Philly rumors were dead, they draw us back in!

Philadelphia Eagles schedule analysis – Phil Sheridan of

"Breakdown: Every season takes on its own personality. You find out which teams were built to last and which weren’t. So any predictions this time of year are based on assumptions that are very likely to evaporate by October. That said, things are set up here for the Philadelphia Eagles to get off to a pretty good start. They open on Monday night against Atlanta, which will be playing its very first game under new head coach Dan Quinn. While Quinn has a strong background as defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks, it’s a tall order to prepare for Chip Kelly’s offense with no current game film to watch. How will the Eagles’ offense with Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray look? After a tough (and oddly early) home game against Dallas in Week 2, the Eagles have two of their more winnable road games. They play the Jets and Washington, giving the Eagles a chance to get off to a 3-1 or even 4-0 start. That’s not bad. A poor start can bury a team. A strong one can give it some serious momentum going into the heart of the schedule. The Eagles have the makings of a strong start in their schedule."

Philadelphia Eagles: Breaking Down 5 Toughest, 5 Easiest Games on 2015 Schedule – Bryn Swartz of

"The National Football League has released its schedule for the 2015 season, and on paper, the Eagles appear to have the most favorable schedule they’ve had in years.A quick glance at the schedule shows that the Eagles will play 12 games on Sundays, two on Mondays, and one each on Thursday and Saturday. They will also play eight games at 1:00, four at 8:30, two at 4:30, one at 12:30 and one at 7:10."

Could a three-way trade get Mariota to Philly? – Mike Florio of

"On the surface, it seems impossible for the Eagles to get from No. 20 into the top five, if they remain interested in reuniting quarterback Marcus Mariota with coach Chip Kelly, the man who recruited Mariota to Oregon.Three years ago, Washington gave up a total of three first-round picks and a second-round selection move up only four spots to get Robert Griffin III. A move from No. 20 to No. 5 (Washington), No. 4 (Oakland), or No. 3 (Jacksonville) would seemingly require too much."

National Glare With Week-By-Week Focus – Dave Spadaro of

"This is the night that so many fans celebrate. There is some shape to the 2015 Eagles season now that the regular season schedule is out. We can look at it and pencil in the wins and discuss the matchups and, well, what does it really mean?It means that we’re one step closer to finding out how good the Eagles will be. Projecting wins and losses is a ritual for the fans. The team looks at every week as a win, so nobody at the NovaCare Complex was in much of a discussion mood on Tuesday evening."

Eagles 2015 regular season schedule preview – Jimmy Kempski of

"For the first time since 2007, the Falcons will enter the season with a coach other than Mike Smith, who compiled a 66-46 record during the regular season, but just a 1-4 record in the postseason. The Falcons have always had an explosive offense, but their defense was ranked dead last in yards allowed and 27th in points allowed in 2014. Smith is out, and former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is in to try to fix Hotlanta’s hot mess on D.Get that artificial crowd noise ready, Falcons. It’s prime time!"

As if this will come as breaking news to anyone, former Eagles safety and current ESPN analyst Brian Dawkins is the man! Here’s a picture of him predicting the Cowboys schedule and who they will win and lose against, look closely at week two…

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