Philadelphia Eagles: Ed Marynowitz said a whole lot of nothing


While Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was likely eating breakfast in his office, he sent out the team’s vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz to address the media prior to the 2015 NFL Draft. Although it was his first press conference in front of Philadelphia’s media members, Marynowitz handled the questions well.

It’s clear that Kelly spent time with Marynowitz preparing him to deal with the media. Just like Kelly during his own press conferences, Marynowitz said a ton, while at the same time saying a whole lot of nothing. But one thing he said will be blown out of proportion the entire time leading up until the 2015 NFL Draft.

“Never say never,” Marynowitz said when asked about the Eagles potentially trading up into the top of the draft, potentially where highly coveted Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota will be selected. It’s clear that the Eagles have a ton of questions marks at the quarterback position so the team trading up for one of head coach Chip Kelly’s former players makes a ton of sense.

But what the cost will be to move up is what will stop the reunion from happening. “I share Chip’s philosophy about not mortgaging the future. We would like to have more picks than less,” Marynowitz said regarding a major move up in the draft. It’s clear the Eagles won’t rule out moving up for a prospect that they covet, but they also have a set number of picks in mind that they won’t surpass to make that jump.

So essentially, we still have no idea what Kelly, Marynowitz and the Eagles will do on draft night. But that’s exactly what they wanted. The team met their requirements to speak with the media and whatnot, yet at the same time they didn’t really say anything of substance.

Marynowitz did speak quite a bit about the various things the Eagles look for when evaluating a draft prospect. He talked about height, weight and speed requirements they have based on each position. But we already knew that Kelly has always valued size and athleticism, this is nothing new.

He also spoke about positional versatility and how a player that can play multiple positions has more value for game day reasons, etc. Once again, something we already knew about Kelly and what he values in a player.

Oh, wait a second! Marynowitz also talked about taking players off the Eagles’ draft board if they have character issues. Once again, this isn’t breaking news, it’s old news. Kelly doesn’t want to deal with attitudes and off the field issues, that’s part of why wide receiver DeSean Jackson and running back LeSean McCoy are no longer in Philadelphia.

It was nice and all for Kelly to send Marynowitz “to the wolves,” also known as the Philadelphia media members, but he trained him well. Marynowitz answered question after question without saying much at all, a specialty of Kelly’s. It’s easy to see why Marynowitz is his right hand man, they think alike and speak alike but let’s just hope they can get it right on draft night and during the season. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

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