What If The Philadelphia Eagles Don’t Get Marcus Mariota?


Throughout much of the draft season there has been much speculation of Chip Kelly reuniting with his former quarterback at Oregon, Marcus Mariota. Will the Philadelphia Eagles “Do the Deal”? It has been the number one topic in Philadelphia sports radio and everyone seems to have an opinion on whether or not the Eagles will give up the farm for the Oregon quarterback.

Every week there is a new trade scenario or mock draft that has the Eagles doing what seems to be the impossible and move up from the 20th selection and up into the top five. With one week left until the 2015 NFL draft and the bar for the Eagles set to Mariota, is it possible for fans to be happy with anything else?

If the Eagles draft a need at cornerback, safety, offensive line, and wide receiver in the first round and with the picks that they would have to trade away to move into the top five, but don’t draft Mariota, is anyone happy with the Eagles or disappointed?

This topic brings up an interesting point. With all of the speculation and talk about the Eagles going up to get Mariota and how Chip is going to do whatever it takes to get the perfect quarterback for his system, if the Eagles draft a good player at a need instead, but don’t draft Mariota will it be a complete letdown?

Chip Kelly has said multiple times that he doesn’t see the team mortgaging the future for Mariota. Heck, Ed Marynowitz  reiterated it Thursday during his press conference.

The Eagles have big needs in the secondary, on the offensive line, and at wide receiver, and there are good players in the draft at those positions. This draft class at wide receiver is just slightly worse than years class, but not by much. The Eagles could use a solid number one or two receiver.

Would you rather Marcus Mariota or a top receiving target for Sam Bradford in DeVante Parker or Breshad Perriman? Can we really trust Mariota to grow with Riley Cooper and Miles Austin to put up big numbers?

Everyone has this dream of Mariota reuniting with his college head coach and leading the Eagles to the promised land. The fact of the matter is however, it probably won’t happen with the price tag that it will take to move up.

Yes, it would make for a good story, but in reality, a team like Tennessee or the New York Jets aren’t going to trade away the opportunity to draft a franchise quarterback just because it makes for a good story.

If the Birds don’t get the Oregon quarterback, but get a solid wide receiver or fill their need at safety, are we more happy that the Eagles are a better team because they filled a big need or disappointed that they didn’t get the quarterback that is a perfect fit in Chip’s offense?

In no way is it wrong to want Marcus Mariota, because face the facts, he is THE perfect quarterback for Chip Kelly’s system. However, to consider the draft a total failure because the Eagles didn’t want to mortgage the future or simply couldn’t move up to get him is wrong.

In less than a week all the Mariota talk will be over and either the Eagles will have him or they won’t. Either way, what will your reaction be on draft night? Are you going to be happy that the Eagles selected a player that will make their football team better, or will you be disappointed that Chip Kelly didn’t do enough to make a near impossible trade?

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