Who Will Be The Philadelphia Eagles First Round Pick? ITI’s Staff Predictions!

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Jonny Page’s Prediction:

Nelson Agholor, Wide Receiver, Southern California

Nelson Agholor makes a lot of sense for the Eagles and Chip Kelly at pick 20. The buzz around Agholor continues to grow and there may even be a chance that he is drafted before pick 20. Agholor is the perfect replacement for Jeremy Maclin and he should be able to start from day 1. Some may see Agholor as a reach at pick 20 because he is seen by some as strictly a slot receiver. I do not see Agholor as a slot receiver and I think he has more than enough size and speed to start on the outside. If Chip Kelly wants to move him around, Agholor will be able to play in the slot as well as outside though and we all know how highly Kelly values versatility. Agholor may not have one part of his game that stands out as special but he is a very good all round receiver. He has natural hands, runs good routes, tracks the ball well and has adequate speed. The Eagles need to improve their receiving core and adding Agholor will significantly help.

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