Bacon, Eggs and Eagles – Redskins Are ‘Team To Beat’


Well then, would you look at that? Another former member of the Philadelphia Eagles has something crazy to say. Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson went ahead and claimed that the ‘skins would be the “team to beat” in the NFC East this year. That’s quite a bold statement from a player on a team that went 4-12 in 2014. But just chalk it up as another crazy thing a former member of the Eagles has said this offseason. People are also questioning what exactly Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is doing with his questionable moves this offseason. All that and more in this morning’s serving of Bacon, Eggs and Eagles!

DeSean Jackson channels J-Roll: Washington ‘team to beat’ in NFC EastAndrew Kulp of

"DeSean Jackson was still a year away from being drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles when Jimmy Rollins famously proclaimed the Phillies were the team to beat baseball’s NL East. No doubt, the Pro Bowl wide receiver heard the tale once or twice during his time with the Birds."

What the #@$& is Chip Kelly doing?Ashley Fox of

"Ten years ago, a little-known assistant coach from New Hampshire telephoned Oregon head coach Mike Bellotti with a request. Could he come watch Bellotti and offensive coordinator Gary Crowton install their spread offense during spring practice?“We’d been beg-borrow-and-stealing from everybody in the nation,” Bellotti said. “So I said, ‘Sure.'”He had no idea who Chip Kelly was."

Chip Kelly is not a racist; he’s a ReidistMark Eckel of

"There are no quarterbacks left on the Eagles from before Chip Kelly arrived two years ago; no running backs, either.Offensively, there are just five key players left from the old regime three of whom are on the line.Defensively, there are seven, at least for now. And long snapper Jon Dorenbos makes it a Baker’s dozen of players who precede Kelly as Eagles.Chip Kelly isn’t a racist. He’s a Reidest."

Eagles’ Chip Kelly has his mind set on type of players he wants – Paul Domowitch of

"CONTRARY TO what LeSean McCoy would like to have you believe, it is not, nor has it ever been, about color or celebrity with Chip Kelly.It is about work ethic and intelligence and commitment. It is about wanting smart players who, regardless of race, creed or salary-cap number, will buy into the Chip Kelly Plan and have an unquenchable desire to get better, no matter how much success they’ve already achieved."

Barbre Ready To Compete For Starting SpotBo Wulf of

"Despite the prospect of the Eagles selecting a player at his position, offensive lineman Allen Barbre had little interest in the NFL Draft. As it turned out, of course, the Eagles did not select a lineman among their six picks last weekend, presumably leaving Barbre in a competition with Matt Tobin for the starting right guard job.“I don’t really try to get into what they’re thinking (in the front office),” Barbre told before the draft. “I know there are business decisions that have to be made and that’s part of the business we play.“I mean, they have to look out for their future. The only thing I can control is just coming to work hard every day.”"

It’s time to just soak in the fact that the Eagles’ seventh-round pick, defensive end Brian Mihalik, looks like a giant 6-9, 302 pound kid in high school. Just look at this guy!

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