Is Sam Bradford The Answer For The Philadelphia Eagles?


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The Philadelphia Eagles have made a number of surprising moves, but none were bigger than the acquisition of quarterback Sam Bradford. Shock and confusion flooded Philadelphia Eagles fans everywhere. Some thought Bradford was just a trade piece for head coach Chip Kelly, whom many thought he would trade up in the draft to acquire Marcus Mariota. The draft came and went and Sam Bradford is still the starting QB for the Eagles. Now that reality has set in, the question now arises, Is Sam Bradford the answer for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback woes?

The Philadelphia Eagles traded QB Nick Foles and picks, which included a 2016 2nd round pick, for the mystery QB in Sam Bradford. Bradford, since coming out of college has had injury concerns and that hasn’t changed in the pros. Whether its a shoulder, ankle, or knee injuries, Bradford’s inability to stay on the field has been his biggest flaw. Bradford has torn his ACL in two consecutive years and even considered retirement. Fans and analysts have been quick to write Sam off as a bust. Almost everyone in the sports world scoffed at the trade Chip Kelly made, but the truth is, Sam Bradford has the talent to be a pro bowl caliber player.

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Sam Bradford can make any throw on the field and was one of the better quarterback prospects in the past 10 years. Coaches from around the NFL considered Bradford a can’t miss prospect and a franchise QB. When Bradford was taken number one overall in the 2010 draft by the St. Louis Rams, the consensus followed what coaches were seeing, Bradford would eventually be a top QB in the NFL. Bradford didn’t meet those expectations due to terrible supporting cast, instability in the front office, and injuries. Even with all the hardships, Bradford’s issues were never about lack of talent.

The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t had a QB this talented since Donovan McNabb. The team has been relying on stopgap quarterbacks for the past 6 years now. From Kevin Kolb to Michael Vick to Nick Foles to Mark Sanchez, the instability at the most important position in all of sports has left the Eagles in a state of limbo. For too long now the team has been depending on average quarterbacks. The team has been good but not great in those years, and Chip Kelly realized this. It was time to take a chance to find a long term solution at quarterback.

Chip Kelly knows what kind of risk he’s taking with Sam Bradford, but he also knows the rewards that could be involved. Kelly is swinging for the fences to put this team over hump. The Philadelphia Eagles are stepping out of the normal way of doing things and are counting on a ultra talented/injury prone player. The knee is a concern for the team and Sam, but the past 5 years have gone without any type of gamble and concern and the team has won zero playoff games. It’s time to roll the dice on a championship. The risk is worth it.

Sam Bradford has his fair share of flaws, but the talent he posses is evident. In St. Louis, Bradford’s strengths were suppressed. If Chip Kelly can take a washed up Michael Vick, an average player in Nick Foles, and an inconsistent QB in Mark Sanchez and make them look competent, just imagine what Kelly can do for Bradford. With talent, better coaching, and an upgraded supporting cast, Bradford now has a chance to turn his career around and potentially be the answer at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles and Sam Bradford need each other.

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