Fantasy Football: Assessing Value Of Eagles’ Players In 2015


As fantasy football starts to creep its way into the headlines, it’s time to take a first look at what the Philadelphia Eagles have to offer in your fantasy draft. The Eagles have made plenty of waves this offseason with both their additions and subtractions to their roster. They alone have shaken up the fantasy football playing field quite a bit. Here’s a look at which Eagles’ players have fantasy value and what you should expect of them:


Sam Bradford

Bradford might be the most interesting case in fantasy this year of any player. He holds unlimited upside, and also quite huge downside. His upside is because being the quarterback in Chip Kelly’s high octane and high scoring offense holds top five quarterback minimum upside. However there are so many questions with Bradford between his talent, and his injuries.

I view Bradford as the best possible backup in a standard 10 or 12-team league. If you can score him as your backup congratulations, if you nab him as your starter you better have a reliable plan B on your bench.

Eagles /


Running Back: 

DeMarco Murray

If I told you that Murray was still on the Dallas Cowboys than you’d would almost certainly call him the number one pick. If I told you that Murray was on the Eagles, minus running backs Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles, you might say the same thing. However in Philadelphia, he’s a part of a three headed beast (while good for us Eagles fans) is a scary thing to think about as a fantasy football player.

In the past uncountable running backs have lost their fantasy appeals due to the running back by committee approach for teams. I don’t think Murray will join that list. However, he drops to the bottom of the first round in my book. He is still and RB1, but now he may not single handily lead your team to victory.

Ryan Mathews

Mathews is a backup. Save him for a rainy day, I would not start him unless I were in a 14-team league. However, in a world where Murray possibly gets hurt, he could be a superstar. It is for that reason that Ryan Mathews is 2015’s ultimate handcuff.

Darren Sproles

Sproles is a mixed bag of tricks. It is hard to hold onto a guy hoping he pulls a touchdown out of his hat, but with Sproles it could happen any time and anywhere. It is because of this that have Sproles as an RB4. Either your last or second to last running back, you save Sproles for a rainy day.

Wide Receiver

Nelson Agholor

I think that Agholor has the chance to be the number one fantasy rookie in 2015. He is an immediate WR3 to me in 12-team leagues and a borderline WR3/4 in ten team leagues. He has the potential to be better than wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was last year and could be the pick that wins you your league and makes you look like a genius.

Jordan Matthews

Jordan Matthews is in about the same boat as Agholor. I’d even put them on the same level if it were not for this. I know what Matthews can do, I don’t know what Agholor can do. Matthews has the ceiling of a WR2 but for now I have him as a WR4 and he should be drafted after Nelson Agholor.

Josh Huff

Do not draft. I believe there’s a good chance that Huff may not even be a starter by the end of the year.

Tight End

Zach Ertz

Perhaps to most polarizing tight end in football, Ertz has shown enough talent to at the very least have the fantasy impact of tight end Greg Olsen. However, instead the Eagles use him enough to give him the fantasy potential of tight end Jermaine Gresham.

The Eagles claim that a bigger role is in store for Ertz and if that is true than I would easily draft him as my starter and feel happy about. That being said, I don’t buy it and that is why buyer’s beware Zach Ertz.

Brent Celek

It appears that Celek is finally being demoted to the secondary tight end role. Unless every tight end in you league is hurt and/or on a bye week, leave him in the free agency pool.

It should be a good year for fantasy football, and the Philadelphia Eagles will be a big part of it. Don’t miss out on the fun.

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