Bacon, Eggs and Eagles – Jason Kelce Appreciation Day


While everyone appears to be worried about what the Philadelphia Eagles will do at guard along their offensive line, some are beginning to forget just how good center Jason Kelce has been throughout his career. Kelce has excelled in head coach Chip Kelly’s uptempo, zone blocking scheme and is the ideal center for this offense. But due to the chaos surrounding him, Kelce’s talent seems to have been swept under the rug by the national media and it’s about time to remind them just how good Kelce can be. All that and more in this morning’s serving of Bacon, Eggs and Eagles!

The Man in the MiddleTommy Lawlor of

"Can Allen Barbre replace Evan Mathis? Who will play RG? Is Jason Peters worthy of the Hall of Fame? How good can Lane Johnson be?These are questions being asked about the Eagles O-line heading into 2015. Notice one player missing? Jason Kelce.This will be his 5th year in the NFL, all as a starter. I sometimes think we take him for granted. Let’s appreciate some of what the Bearded Wonder can do."

From Vegas to Philly, DeMarco Murray has learned to play his cards right – Ed Barkowitz of

"IT DIDN’T TAKE long for DeMarco Murray to endear himself to his new teammates.It was during the first practice of the Eagles’ offseason program in late May, and Murray, the NFL’s leading rusher last season as a Dallas Cowboy, didn’t like the way a drill had gone. He felt like he kept zigging when he should have been zagging.Missteps like this are as common in the spring as sweat on a 300-pound lineman. That’s why there is such a thing as an offseason program, which is especially valuable for newcomers like Murray on the Eagles."

A Time To Remember Jerome BrownDave Spadaro of

"Twenty-three years ago, the news came out like a bolt of sadness and the impossible was true: Eagles defensive tackle Jerome Brown was dead after “careless driving” in his hometown of Brooksville, FL. How he died and the tragedy that included the death of his 13-year-old nephew is not the conversation here, for the day and the accident and the manner of death has been discussed many times.Brown, a 27-year-old lover of life, was driving recklessly, was at fault, and he paid the ultimate price. A city mourned, a world of Eagles fans cried tears and the impact was felt for years. The Eagles dedicated their 1992 season to Brown, kept his locker alive at Veterans Stadium and created a Jerome Brown locker for each game on the road."

Life changed for Eagles rookie Bailey after killing of a friend – Mike Sielski of

"In East Falls, atop a hill that crests after a tenth-of-a-mile slope of dirt-pocked grass and fissured white pavement blotched with black tar, rests the Abbotsford Homes housing project.Rasheed Bailey lived at Abbotsford until he was 18, as did his best friend and classmate at Roxborough High School, Rashawn Anderson. But it wasn’t until someone shot and killed Anderson outside his house on the night of Feb. 7, 2011, that Bailey recognized his own deep desire to leave Abbotsford. Until then, Bailey figured he had little choice but to accept the most forbidding moments of his mornings – descending that hill to stand at a nearby bus stop, waiting those few minutes for the Route 32 SEPTA to arrive and ferry him west on Henry Avenue to Roxborough – as a permanent price of his environment."

Fan-Demonium: An All-Time Great DebateTommy Lawlor of

"Summer is here. Football is on vacation for the next month or so. There is no hard news to report on right now, but football is always on my mind, in some way or another. Dave Spadaro wrote an excellent piece on Jerome Brown a few days ago and that got me to be reflective, thinking about the old days. Brown was truly something to behold on the field. As I thought about Brown, I wondered how he might fit in on the current Eagles team. That led to more thinking about all kinds of former Eagles players and how they would fit in.So let’s have some fun. Which all-time Eagles would you most like to add to this team?"

Apparently Jimmy Kempski of felt it was necessary to record Kelly’s feet during a press conference, this is hilarious…and a bit weird.

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