Bacon, Eggs and Eagles – Which Players Are Underpaid?


All offseason long, the Philadelphia Eagles and head coach Chip Kelly were criticized for the controversial moves they made this offseason. That included handing out “ludicrous” contracts to players such as cornerback Byron Maxwell and running back DeMarco Murray. Yet the Eagles actually have quite a few underpaid players on their roster that should be getting more attention as well. All that and more in this morning’s serving of Bacon, Eggs and Eagles!

Who is the Eagles most underpaid player?Mark Eckel of

"Right, or wrong, Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis thought he was underpaid at $5.5 million this season and $6 million next season.The Eagles obviously didn’t agree and now Mathis, at least until he finds another team, is really underpaid at $0.Mathis’ argument and eventual release got me to thinking who on the Eagles current roster, considering all aspects of it, is actually underpaid."

20 Eagles over-undersJimmy Kempski of

"It’s time to make some 2015 Eagles predictions. Below are 20 over-unders for various player and team stats. Make your predictions now and see how you did in January.1) Sam Bradford: 11.5 games playedBradford doesn’t just have a pair of ACL tears on his resume. He has suffered a myriad of other injuries as well. Bradford has played more than 10 games in two of his five years in the NFL. Will Chip Kelly’s #SportsScience make a difference?"

NFL 101: Introducing the Basics of the 4-Minute OffenseMatt Bowen of

"Grind the clock, move the sticks and close out the game.A game situation that is often overlooked on Sundays, the “four-minute offense” is one of the most crucial aspects of pro football when protecting a lead in the fourth quarter. This is an opportunity for the offense to take control of the line of scrimmage and physically whip the opposition up front while the seconds methodically tick off of the clock.Forget about bringing out the punt team and putting the game on the shoulders of your special teams and defense. Instead, run the ball (over and over again), work the clock, use high-percentage throws and even sprinkle in some play action while forcing the defense to burn timeouts."

Eagles’ 2016 Super Bowl odds have changedBrandon Lee Gowton of

"Bovada recently released a new set of 2016 Super Bowl odds probably because, well, it’s a slow time in the NFL right now. The last time they updated their odds was back in early May, prior to the conclusion of NFL spring workouts.The Philadelphia Eagles last left off with the seventh best odds to win a championship. That hasn’t changed. However, the Eagles’ odds went from being more favorable at 18/1 to slightly less favorable at 20/1."

How Much Do Physical Attributes Matter for First-Round NFL Draft Picks?Rivers McCown of

"One thing I noticed while filing my Top 25 NFL Players Under 25 piece was just how many players in that top 25 qualified as physical outliers and how that affected their draft stock.Take the tale of Aaron Donald, who I consider the fourth-best player under 25 in the NFL today. Here’s what NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said about him as he was drafted: “The lack of size (6-foot-1, 285 pounds) concerns some teams, but not me. He had a really big week at the Senior Bowl. He’s as quick a defensive tackle I’ve seen since Geno Atkins.”"

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