Philadelphia Eagles: Ranking Top 5 Thinnest Positions

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

5) Tight End

This position might not look extremely thin at first glance with guys like Brent Celek and Zach Ertz, but if you dive a little deeper you might notice the lack of depth at the position. The Philadelphia Eagles have a phenomenal duo in Ertz who looks to be realizing his prow bowl potential, and the ever reliable Celek who has been a steady hard-nosed player throughout his career. The issue is the guys behind those two.

Trey Burton is a second year player out of Florida and was one of the teams best special teams player. Burton’s contribution on 4th down is much needed and is a virtual lock to make the team, but Burton wasn’t a contributor on offense at all in 2014. If Ertz or Celek were to miss time, how confident can you really be if Burton was called upon? With Burton having lack of offense experience, the guys behind Burton are rookies and look more like practice squad material than actually making the final roster.

The Eagles have a nice duo at TE, but the lack of known depth behind them is a tad concerning. This position isn’t one of extreme lack of depth, but the Eagles have been fortunate and lucky enough to not have incurred any injuries to their tight ends for two years now. Relying on that kind of luck can be troublesome during a long season.

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