Philadelphia Eagles: Which veterans might be cut?

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Tim Tebow, Quarterback

It’s Tebow time! Well not so fast. The Philadelphia Eagles brought in Tim Tebow as a late addition and of course many were instantly intrigued good and bad. Tebow has been out of football for two years and worked with a throwing specialist during that time. This is pretty much Tim’s last chance at making an NFL roster.

Chip Kelly’s scheme is quarterback friendly and if you would’ve asked me two months ago if Tebow was going to make the team I would have said yes. Tebow is athletic enough to run the read option and has a huge passion and fire for the game, but his mechanics are still trash. After OTAs and minicamp, reports are that Tebow was pretty lousy and his throwing motion is still pretty much the same.

Kelly wants quarterbacks who are accurate, have a effortless throwing motion, and make quick decisions. Tebow is the complete opposite of those traits. His accuracy isn’t very good, his throwing motion is still a weird side winder hybrid, and he holds on to the ball for days. I over estimated Tebow and his “progress” and under estimated Matt Barkley, whom I’ve been harsh on, but has impressed thus far in the season. The team only keeps 3 QBs and it looks like Tebow is the odd man out.

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