This year’s Philadelphia Eagles are Chip Kelly’s biggest secret


The longest offseason in Philadelphia Eagles history is a mere nine days from completion. The pressure is on head coach Chip Kelly to improve upon this football team’s consecutive ten win seasons. The questions surrounding the moves (and motives) behind the Eagles offseason likely won’t subside once training camp begins. But like most details surrounding Kelly’s life, they’re also not likely to be answered to the media. That leaves the fans, media, and personnel around the league waiting to find out what Chip Kelly has up his sleeve for the 2015 season.

I’m not quite sure where the obsession with Chip Kelly is among the media. But I do know that whatever he does as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, there will be those that criticize his actions with no justification. There are those that want him to fail so they can say, “I told you so“. But Chip keeps finding ways to prove everyone wrong. And a big contributing factor is that he keeps everything close to the vest.

One of the biggest selling points on Chip Kelly’s transition to the NFL was that he needed an athletic quarterback to run his offense. As early as the second preseason game in his first season, that theory was already rebuked. But then came the NFL draft and the rumors of Marcus Mariota. All the while, everyone ignored the fact that the Eagles quarterbacks in 2013 had the 4th highest quarterback rating in the NFL. Despite the injury to Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez regressing late in the season, the Eagles offense was 5th in the NFL in total yards.

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The Philadelphia Eagles offense, which has heavily relied upon the run, has been everything as advertised. They’ve averaged 487 rushing attempts during Kelly’s tenure. Despite DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews‘ frailty, a balanced workload amongst they and Darren Sproles could be in the works.

Regardless of the money Murray will be making, Sproles and Mathews are not going to be riding the bench like Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar did in Dallas last season. Unfortunately, the only vocal concern regarding the Eagles backfield focuses on a player that is no longer in the NFC. In fact, when referring to McCoy‘s offseason antics, seldom is LeSean McCoy labeled as a Buffalo Bills running back. Instead, he is an “ex” member of the Philadelphia Eagles and of course, Chip is to blame.

When the Philadelphia Eagles did not retain Jeremy Maclin in free agency, pessimism knew no bounds. After the flurry of signings this offseason, some focused on the prior injuries of DeMarco Murray, Miles Austin, Sam Bradford, and Kiko Alonso. Unfortunately, many also neglected to note that Nick Foles and Jeremy Maclin have suffered injuries in their careers as well.

Perhaps this is why Chip Kelly prefers confidentiality in his life. Regardless of what happens with the Philadelphia Eagles on the field, he is being scrutinized through a microscope at all times. And until the Eagles win in the postseason, Kelly will always be under the very large shadow of Andy Reid. But that’s where Chip likes to be. He wants to shock the world, but more importantly he wants to do it his way. In nine days, he gets the chance to start working towards perhaps his most shocking season yet.

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