Philadelphia Eagles: The Sam Bradford/Jordan Matthews Connection


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles just wrapped up their second day of official practice and there’s a new buzz around the facility. The team has high hopes for itself and the skies the limit for this team. Even with some of the uncertainty, one couldn’t help but notice the connection quarterback Sam Bradford and wide receiver Jordan Matthews have been developing especially after todays practice.

It’s only the second day of training camp, but its an encouraging sign to see Sam Bradford and the teams best wide out in Jordan Matthews developing a connection that could become deadly during the season. Sam is coming off back to back ACL injuries and finally shed the big clunky knee brace he sported in mini camp. Matthews is looking to have a breakout year after a good rookie season that saw him rack up over 850 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns.

Today, the Philadelphia Eagles and its followers finally got to see what can become of Bradford and Matthews. Sam and Jordan had a great day at the office to say the least. This is obviously a great sign as Sam continues to work his way back from injury, and for Jordan to take that next step into becoming an elite wide receiver. Here are some of the best tweets of todays Sam Bradford/Jordan Matthews connection.

As the Philadelphia Eagles continue to prepare for the season opener on September 14th, developing cohesion between QB and wide receiver is essential. But even before training camp began, Matthews and Sam may have already had a nice bond forming. Earlier this summer, Jordan Matthews had this to say about his new QB –

"“He looks real good. That ball will catch you sometimes. I mean he throws a great ball. He has great touch, great timing, and his demeanor back there in the pocket is good because with receivers if you have a quarterback that’s like that, who’s mild-mannered. Talks when he needs to, can tell you what he wants, then you want to go out and play hard for him. You want to go out there and catch the ball for him. He’s that type of quarterback. He has that type of aura about him, that type of attitude, so all the guys wanna work for him. And then, it definitely helps when you got a spiral like that. The guy looks good.”"

It’s imperative that Matthews and Bradford continue the connection throughout training camp and beyond. Sam Bradford has a chance to fulfill the expectations that were thrust onto him coming out of college as the number 1 overall pick back in 2010. Injuries have slowed Sam down, but as of right now he’s healthy and needs quality reps to get back into a groove. It helps to get back into that rhythm when your second year wide receiver is showing signs of becoming a monster. The Sam Bradford/Jordan Matthews connection is just starting, all Philadelphia Eagles fans will want to see what it eventually becomes.

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